The Blacklist Season 8 Ending Explained

Dembe with Raymond Reddington

I expected the “Konets” part (last episode) of the season 8 Blacklist finale to be comparable to the “Nachalo” installment (episode 21). I wanted more black-and-white memories, more flashbacks, more unraveling of the dark Blacklist myth, and maybe even Elizabeth Keen dying a slow death after her bullet wound from the last episode.

However, the episode surprised me like everyone else.

Liz returned from her injuries as soon as the episode began after the doctor confirmed that the bullet had passed her body without harming any organs. Soon, Red, Dembe, and Liz directed their mind on who would succeed Neville as Russia’s most prominent drug and crime lord following his death.

Elizabeth Keen

Elsewhere, in a meeting with our boy scout, Harold, Red revealed he was dying and would like to place his daughter, Lizzie, as his heir.

As part of the order to secure Liz would be his heir, Reddington explained she would have to publicly kill him, which she originally rejected.

However, Reddington had the idea all arranged. Liz would execute him outside his restaurant, and CCTV would capture the entire execution for the world—and their competitors—to see. Despite Red’s imminent death, he still refused to tell Elizabeth the whole truth about her past and his association with it.

He emphasized on holding the truth a secret, declaring: “If you knew who I am, you would never agree to kill me.” Instead, Reddington swore he would drop her a letter for Liz to read after her death that would reveal “Who I am and why I came into your life.”

However, things took a pivotal turn in episode 22, titled “Konets,” which turned Reddington’s plans upside down. Hiding in the shadows, watching Red and Liz’s altercation, was Neville’s henchman Vandyke, who had no doubts about pulling the trigger on Elizabeth. The shooting eventually fulfilled Neville’s plan to make Reddington grieve internally by watching the person he loved most crumble right in front of him.

Did Liz Die?

Soon after Vandyke put a bullet in Liz’s body, she collapsed. Flashbacks, tears, and the gradual revelation of Reddington perhaps actually being Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova followed. Liz seemed to solve the puzzle by finally looking through Red’s eyes and skin and finding her mother inside. Aram, Cooper, and Park meet on the scene and find their colleague and friend unconscious on the ground- is she dead? Is she coming back?

I guess so. I hope so. She might take a page out of her mother’s book and come back as the person she loved, Tom Keen. That’s my wild guess anyways.

What do you think?

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