Secular hypocrisy of left media can’t certainly muffle the screams of a raped minor girl inside mosque

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The loud painful screams of a minor girl getting raped by an old licentious Muslim cleric inside the mosque where she came for practicing Quran, overpowered the loud religious chanting he did five time a day at mosque. He probably forgot that these screams won’t let Allah listen to his rhetoric prayers even if he finds something in the religious book to justify this rape. The goats, the boys, now little girls, all are the preys of these lecherous clerics. Umpteen cases were reported in various parts of the country where animals including cow were raped by Muslims and boys who used to go to mosques for learning Quran were sexually abused by the religious teachers, telling them that sex is a new way of making the Satan instantly leave their hearts. Unfortunately, their yells couldn’t reach the ears of journalists who are blinkered by their secularism. The activists who are obsessed with smashing patriarchy and fighting for their rights and speaking against the atrocities. All are seen purporting deaf and dumb with their hypocrisy glistening on their stinky dentures. This rape case is being shown just an ordinary rape by media, as the rapist is a Muslim cleric, and so they definitely believe that outrage for this case won’t fetch them anything, probably it could be a bad situation for them as Muslims won’t like to be lectured on secularism. For they hardly follow something which isn’t described in their religious book. 

In Jan 2018, a Muslim girl was abducted, and gangraped in Kathua, which caused a huge uproar in the country, all lobbies came out to fulminate against this rape case. Everyone was demanding justice for the girl. Regardless of religion and political difference. All news channels were adamant on broadcasting this case every hour. The journalists were vociferating against this heinous crime. But, abruptly, this outrage became a vicious campaign. The left lobby comprised of all selfclaimed unbiased journalists, authors, celebrities vehemently began to communalize the case distending the case as maliciously as they could. In a span of few hours, the case was declared as a war against the Hindus and Hinduism, because the culprits were Hindus. As per left ideology, blame the religion of the sinner, not the sinner. And it is allowed only if the rapist is Hindu. 

In India, the culprits aren’t considered culprits until some media houses fossick through the accurate details about the criminals. Their religion, their political inclination. After which, media decides if this case is worth their vociferating throats, or it goes against their secular journalism. Yes, it happens in India. Only If the rapist is Hindu, then it is worth prime time show. If the rapist happens to be a Muslim, or Christian, it is undoubtedly inappropriate to even talk about it as it goes against their secularism. After Kathua rape case, the left lobby vigorously disseminated blatant lies about the case. The filthy intention behind this was to slander Hindus and Hinduism. In no time, all social media platforms twitter and other were profusely flooded with the objectionable caricatures of Hindu deities, delineating them as the wrongdoers against women, and indirectly labelling Hindus as rapists. The derogatory placards of Condom on shivling, fuck Hindutva were shamelessly roaming across the country. On the contrary, when in Kerala a nun accused an archbishop of raping her in church, this case didn’t get enough attention and the case dissipated quickly due to some religious and political pressure. That woman is still far away from getting justice. Religious exploitation in churches is done with the political pandering. 

The society is apparently losing its moral values in this eddy of religious snobbery and secularism. Women are continually suffering, caged in long clothes, consumed by horror and harassment they face at work, on road, and mostly in the shrines by their own relatives.. Their rights are being misused by their own fraternity. Ironically the activists who demand freedom for Hindus women from Ghunghat(veil), explain with exaggeration why burqa and hijab are Islamic perks for a Muslim woman. Besides, Feminism  never stands for a Hindu woman if she doesn’t adhere to its hateful ideology against men and the Hindu culture. 

This hypocrisy which they don proudly is the reason why crimes against women are unbelievably increasing everyday.. The rapists absolutely know that there are people willing to stand for them if they rape and kill Hindus. The lawyers will be there to fight the case for them, the journalists will not leave any stone unturned to make them look innocent, and misguided, and moreover, politicians like Arvind Kejriwal will gift them sewing machines and urge victim’s family to forgive them even for sordid crimes like rape. These politicians are determined to besmirch Hindus if any incident occurs where victim happens to be Muslim, saying that Hinduism doesn’t teach to kill. On the contrary, when a girl in Meerut was shot dead on the road by a jilted Muslim boy whom she denied to marry, as the boy wanted her to convert to Islam. These shameless politicians with half-baked secularism didn’t comment on what book taught that murderer to kill a girl. They won’t do this as saying anything about Islam, and Muslims is a certain loss of votes which they probably can’t afford. But yeah, secularism is there for them to comfortably vilify Hindus.

The definition of rape has been changed ever since leftists started to use it for their ugly propaganda against the majority. The cajolement for minority is the reason why and how readily they thrust their heads into sand when rapes are reported inside mosque and churches. This tendency of journalists has utterly smeared Indian media with shame. They blatantly peddle fake news, targeting a particular community, obviously Hindus, mostly attacking the culture and justifying the dismantling of temples in the name of development. 

Every inflammatory article written on Hindu deities, and culture in the name of freedom of speech is etched in the minds of Hindus. This tolerance towards these derogatory attempts by left lobby and anti national political parties is the reason why they enjoy targeting us all the time and we laden with timidity and meekness expect media to speak for us, Specially real issues like love jihad. Indian media lurks to have such news which can help them slag Hindus off, and are prepared to snuff out the incandescing news like this Delhi mosque rape, and conversions. Therefore, horror keeps rolling on the streets. 

The clamor of people shouting at each other on debates engulfs the screams of thousands of raped girls. The business of media houses thrives on the painful rapes. Nobody fights for justice for the victims, almost everyone tends to utilize it in order to vituperate the communities of the rapists and criminals. The secularism doesn’t let victims get justice and eventually buries them in oblivion. 

Unbridled hatred for Hindu religion is flourishing under the pampering of secularism. It oozes out of their mouths when they speak. But, when someone questions their hateful behavior audaciously, they threaten to behead him. Fatwas are issued in this country where we believe constitution is the ruler. Sadly, sometimes some parts of India are seen caged, squirming under the Sharia law which is ruthless for women and the ones who don’t acquiesce in their peculiar lunacy. The most important thing we Hindus must remember in this hazardous hour, is that no matter what, under any circumstance, we must protect our quintessential Hindu culture, faith and our own existence. Since Tolerance can not be a reason to guzzle the derogatory poison which media is brazenly feeding us daily. Secularism is smothering our rights, deterring us from expressing our anger against Islamic attacks on our women, abhorring the Christian missionary’s attempts of dismantling our temples, and plunde our lands under the garb of secularism. We must defiance whenever they even think of hammering our glorious culture which proudly teaches ‘Fight for Dharma’. Don’t expect anything from politicians and media, unite and fight. Expose the termites who thrive on Islamic and Christian alms and spew venom wearing the spiffy outfit tasseled with sequins of hypocrisy and sophistry. Secularism is a well spruced delusion which is continuously engulfing Hindus and letting other communities devour the culture by relentless attacks on Hinduism. Hence, Nobody should be allowed to meddle with our dharma and defame us wearing secularism. 

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