Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 27th June – 3rd July 2021

Love and Relationships

There may be a progressive state of life this week. Your relationship with your beloved may become stronger than before. There are indications that the two of you may decide to marry. Even your family may support your decision. If married, make sure you are not overly confident in your talk. There are chances of misunderstanding, hence stay cautious while having a conversation with your spouse. If you are single, then this week you may feel frustrated due to lack of any positive outlook. However, this will be temporary, but you will have to pep-up yourself to make sure you are happy and content.


This week may offer you chances for higher growth in the academic as well as competitive sectors. Native who are planning to enhance their skills may certainly improve their skills through learning and hard work. There are indications of enrichment of your intelligence and wisdom. Reading will also be a common factor that will enhance your gains this week. You can expect mixed results during this week from competitive exams. Some of you will do very well, others may not be comfortable due to lack of preparations. Take the extra time to improve your learning through hard work.


This week you may witness positive changes in your health. Those who are undergoing treatment for chemotherapy or are in the final stage of their treatment may certainly do well and are likely to recover. Your efforts may bring you the best results due to a timely diet and medication. You may be inclined towards a healthy and balanced diet. Expectant mothers can expect some good news in the latter part of the week. Overall, your health will be normal and supportive and no major health issues are foreseen this week.


There may be better opportunities to enhance the financial position this week through speculative investments. Investing in quick money-making schemes is likely to attract you, of which share and derivative products will interest you the most. But ideally, you must manage your investments to make sure you are reducing your expense flow. There are indications of profits from various areas. There are chances of additional income sources during the second half of the week. Business income may also rise. Make sure you account for them accordingly to ensure a proper financial statement. You may be successful in recovering the funds given as a loan in the past. The only advice is to put them into proper use.


There are indications of successful results this week for your job and business. There may be constant progress in competitive sports as well as in the government and private sectors. You may get the desired gains in your business. You are likely to achieve auspicious results particularly towards the middle of the week. However, there are indications that the first and last part of the week may bring you some problems. Take a careful look at your skills that will have to be honed this week. You will be happy with the way life will turn positive for you. You may get many rewarding opportunities this week.

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