Samsung unveils new chipsets for better 5G solutions

(IANS) South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics on Tuesday shared its 5G vision and unveiled a line-up of new chipsets at a virtual event.

The new chipsets that include a 3rd generation RFIC, 2nd generation 5G modem, and DFE-RFIC integrated chip were unveiled as a part of the company’s initiative to help foster compact and efficient, yet high-performing 5G solutions.

“We are delighted to discuss the infinite possibilities of wireless technology, as we continue our 5G journey, and pave the way towards the next phase of 5G,” Samsung President and Head of Networks Business, Paul (Kyungwhoon) Cheun, said in a statement.

“Samsung’s 5G vision includes bringing together the best global expertise and technical insights that can help operators and consumers take full advantage of 5G benefits,” he added.

The company recently unveiled its wideband radio supporting 400MHz of bandwidth in mid-band and designed to help operators drive more flexible and cost-effective deployments.

Also introduced are the next generation 5G Compact Macro and baseband units, as well as its new One Antenna Radio, a solution that delivers a more compact form factor with antenna integration, offering simplified installation and deployment efficiencies.

At the event, Samsung Networks highlighted key developments in its global expansion, which includes the delivery of over four million 5G-ready radios around the world.

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