Online invoice generator features that will take your business to the next level


There was a time when every invoice was written manually and then sent to the recipient via mail services. This was costly both in terms of money, and time. Businesses had to hire full-on teams to manage their outstanding invoices. But this luxury wasn’t something that small businesses can afford, leading to either mismanaged funds or an overworked owner.

Instant payment:

But then the internet happened, and everything got flipped on its head. Thanks to the internet, we now have tools like the Billdu invoice maker. These sophisticated invoice automation software make the whole process take literal minutes and can all be operated by a single person. Yet, this isn’t where the story ends. Invoice-making software offers a lot of features that many small businesses will find useful and free online invoice generators are a must-have. Here are a few of the most notable features:

The invoices sent by these automation software include a “pay now” button. On one hand, it makes the time between sending the invoice and receiving the payment much short; benefiting the business. On the other side of things, it makes the whole process of paying you, as convenient as possible for the end customer.

Read receipts:

 “I didn’t see the invoice until now.” Customers have used this excuse regarding their late payments for decades now, but never again. The software has the capability to know when the customer has actually read the invoice, and you would have the exact date and time. Next time a customer tries to make the same excuse, you can show them what you know.

Repetitive invoices:

The automation of these tools goes a step further, as they will send recurring invoices automatically on the correct date. You don’t have to input the information every time, the software does it all for you. You just have to set the parameters once, and then watch the recurring payments roll in without a single input from you.

International operation:

Are you dealing with someone outside of your country, and don’t know their language? Well, worry not, as the auto invoice manager can translate your invoices into all of the major languages, so you can gather your rightful payment from around the globe. The tool also has the ability to convert currencies so that the customer understands the invoice in their native currency and you get the payment in yours.

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