Marmaris Travel Guide for Sunshine Lovers

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If you’re planning a sunshine voyage in Turkey, why not think about visiting Marmaris? This favorite holiday destination is a fun, vibrant place for a summer vacation. As well as having great beaches, beautiful scenery, and lively nightlife, it is also home to charming natural wonders.

Marmaris is a popular resort town that balloons to over a quarter-million people during summer; Marmaris is brash, loud, and in your face all over the city all of the time. That being said, it is unmissable, and let’s explore why. 

Top Places of Attraction in Marmaris

Marmaris Castle & Museum

Marmaris’ hilltop castle ( constructed in 1522CE ) was Süleyman the Magnificent’s place of beginning for 200,000 troops, used to recover Rhodes from the Knights Hospitaller. The castle hosts a tiny but well-organized Marmaris Museum, which exhibits tombstones, amphora, oil lamps, figurines, and other finds from neighboring archaeological sites, including Datça and Knidos. 

Jinan Garden

This fascinating Zen-style garden, complete with a pagoda and peaceful water, celebrates Marmaris’ Chinese twin city, Jinan, in the Shandong region. There’s also a lovely restaurant here.

Old Town

The steep streets around Marmaris Castle, misty lanes that feel far removed from the yacht-filled marina, carry the town’s last remaining classical buildings.

Top Things to do in Marmaris

You can have a brilliant daily cruise taking you around the mountainous shoreline, turquoise coves, ruins of old cities, and a cave girdling Marmaris with a stop at the beach of leafy Cennet Adası, which includes the Bay of Marmaris. Just take one of the yachts (which have a limit of 20 people) which can be found all along the harbor of the town center, you can easily recognize them by their touts and boards—who will try to convince you to take their tour, but basically, all journeys are the same. 

  1. Jeep Safari: drive around hills encircling Marmaris and visit waterfalls, villages, and charming beaches. A tour around the Peninsula of Bozburun to the south of Marmaris usually links a visit to the Kızkumu sandbar.
  2. Turkish baths: a fabulous Turkish bath (Hamam) with body peel, sauna, oil massage., and foam massage.
  3. Turkish night: party night with traditional Turkish food, dancing, and entertainment, including belly dancers. Many hotels do their own Turkish nights, ranging from 15-30 TL for the entertainment and buffet.
  4. Eat: Numerous places on the harbor main road and just off it serving English, Turkish, Dutch, Indian and other nationality food. It tends to be cheaper away from the harbor and marina.

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