Libra Weekly Horoscope 6th – 12th June 2021

Love and Relationships

This week, you may get mixed results. On one hand, you may prefer to spend most of your time with your beloved and also express your love for him/her, while on the other hand, an unwanted misunderstanding may take place in your relationship. You should make efforts to put an end to it as soon as possible, as it may prove to be quite hazardous for your love life. Your communication skills may be very much helpful for the betterment of your relationship, as you will be able to keep your partner happy because of it. You are advised to behave in a poised manner and may be able to bring your relationship back on track. Try not to be aggressive and stay away from unnecessary arguments.


Academics are important and you may take them seriously this week. But being too much involved in academics can make you a little troubled and disturbed. You may be disturbed by the way you have been studying hard and not able to score well. Take some break this week, and then start again for better concentration and focus. If looking to pursue any extra skills then first get an analysis done about your strength and weakness. This will also enable you to understand your passion before taking the right step.


In terms of health, this week is likely to generate mixed outcomes. The week may keep your spirits high and you are likely to take part in each and every activity rigorously. You may have the propensity to generate physical problems. Do not be over-excited during this week, avoid heavy workouts or too much cardio exercises. This can put strain on your body which will be difficult to deal with. So, take the necessary precautions required for your health and consult a doctor if and when necessary. Those suffering from asthma, may see much relief as the week progresses.


With matters related to finance and economics too, the week has mixed results in store. During this week, the inflow of your income is likely to increase and you may lay hands on such ventures which may help you to accumulate a successful amount of wealth. At the same time, you may also earn money from some secret sources and some wealth may also be received on a sudden basis. It can either be your own money or inheritance. Additionaly, those who took money from you may return the same to you and if you have any ongoing debt, you are likely to repay it during this time. No major expenses are foreseen this week.


When it comes to the career, you are advised not to panic at all, as you may remain at the top of your career during the week. Along with the responsibilities, your position is likely to increase. Not only this, but a salary increment may also take place during the course of this week. Although you may prevail over your enemies, some of them may carry on with their work secretly. Hence, remain aware and keep your ears and eyes open. Senior officials may remain in your favor, but also keep a close eye on your work. Relations with colleagues may remain amicable, a female co-worker, in particular, may assist you in your work.

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