Libra Weekly Horoscope 27th June – 3rd July 2021

Love and Relationships

This week, there are high chances of a romantic short trip with your beloved. For the past many weeks, you have not been able to spend time with your family and now you may have the time to dedicate to them. A quick drive to the destination is likely to help you spend quality time with your family and enjoy the journey like a picnic. Try to extend the timing to make sure you spend enough time with your family. These are some treasured moments in life that may not come again, hence enjoy it to the fullest.


Academically you have been taking your studies seriously and have seen the results turning positive. Now is the time to focus on your extracurricular activities, if you indulge or enjoy any activity. This week you may get many opportunities to perform and showcase your creative abilities and talent. So, do not miss the opportunity and make sure you even shine in your extra-curricular talent this week. Further, those planning to give any competitive exam, this week may have to accept the challenge with an iron hand. You may have to work hard to make sure you are in the merit list this week.


Addiction is something that you should give up and you are likely to be successful to be out of any such practice this week. You may suffer from joint pains and this should not be ignored. If you are looking for the support of a counselor to remain mentally fit, you may find someone this week. You may also take online sessions for ensuring that you get the benefits completely. Along with mental health, give importance to your physical health such as undertaking exercise and follow a healthy diet.


When expenses are rising you believe in saving and budgeting the same. But in the recent past, your planning may not have been effective. This may worry you this week. No doubt, one has to control the spending but also have to make sure you earn more in parallel to make sure you do not fall into any debt trap. If you love to collect antiques, then this week is likely to be interesting for you. You may visit any exhibition and spend money on accumulating more artifacts. Your cash outflow may be high, but you are likely to create more wealth.


This week, you may make a very important decision for your career. However, taking up business by giving up your present career may not be a wise idea this week. You may plan to start an alternative business and continue to work in your job, merely to ensure you are secured. But it is very much important that you ensure that stability is given first importance. If you are already into business, you may plan to change your line of activity. But this may not be a wise decision at this point. Expansion can be considered but not a new line of business that may not be financially viable. Take a feasibility study before venturing into such activities.

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