Leo Weekly Horoscope 20th – 26th June 2021

Love and Relationships

The beginning of this week may motivate you to expand your emotional world. However, you may at times feel slow and low but you may get the opportunity around the middle part of this week. As the week progresses, there may be scopes for some romantic encounters with your beloved. Planetary influences may give you a chance to reveal the true feelings. Keep an optimistic view in your heart and expect some golden opportunities with your friends and family around the latter part of the week. It may refresh your internal world and you may feel very excited to see the vibrant experiences.


There may be certain phases during this week which may raise stress levels due to confusion in the subjects. This week may test your skills and patience both. Here you need to rely on your knowledge as you may feel pressured this time around. But, if you have your basics right, everything else will be just a matter of time. Your experience and analysis are likely to help you sort out the problems efficiently. It may be essential for you to pay close attention to your studies in order to maintain your progress. Also, the assistance of friends and mentors is likely to help you make good progress in your studies.


Your energies may now be up to the mark during the most of the part of this week. There are no serious health issues envisaged in this phase. During the latter half, you may see some fluctuations in your energy level. However, you may be able to manage health issues efficiently. Your better health status is likely to make you somewhat careless about your health. Irregular eating habits or over-indulgence may cause some health issues during the latter part of this week. It is, therefore, necessary for you to maintain the discipline in your life.


It is likely to be a favorable week in terms of money and finances. But a laid-back attitude can hurt growth prospects. However, good income flow may help you maintain your financial status well during this week. Still, you need to avoid making big purchases during the middle part of this week as this may cause some additional burden for you. Matters concerning your past investments may come to the fore and likely demand your attention. You may be able to resolve such issues efficiently by the end of this week.


This is likely to be a positive week for your career. There are chances of some important event at your workplace which may help you to get success and recognition. The main aspect to look after here is making a smart move by considering every pros and con. Do not get involved in some new business-related activities in haste during the first half of the week. You must also refrain from taking an important decision about the change in job or relocation during this week. You may plan to deploy funds for the development and expansion of your business, but there are chances that you may not get the desired gains.

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