Leading Labrador Breeders In Canada

Bringing a puppy into your family can be a wonderful thing to do. Dogs make great lifelong companions and, depending on the breed, can be brought into families with children to offer friendship and affection.

To get a dog, you need to choose a reputable breeder that takes care of their animals and ensures the best health of their puppies before selling them.

As dogs are so popular, there is no shortage of dog breeders, but this does not mean that all work to the same caliber. To ensure that you are working with a reliable, safe breeder, there are some things to consider.

What Do They Offer?

While a breeders’ main purpose is to provide puppies for sale, they need to also offer some additional services for the benefit of these dogs.

Lucky Labs is a leading breeder of labrador puppies in Canada. As well as providing pedigree puppies to people across Canada and even the United States, they also offer ongoing support and additional services to ensure families are happy with their new addition.

When you buy a labrador puppy with Lucky Labs, you also receive:

  • Lifetime support

This is offered for the benefit of your labrador puppy, to ensure they are safe and healthy. Bringing a new puppy into your family can be hard work, and this is something Lucky Labs understands, which is why they want to offer support to all their customers.

  • Labrador heath guarentee

All puppies at Lucky Labs come with puppy health insurance, and this lasts for 4 years. This is a great way to take care of your new puppy in their early years, ensuring they have access to vet examinations for their injections and other essential treatment at this time when they are most vulnerable.

  • Premium food for all labs

A key part of ensuring your dog’s health is in their food, which is why Lucky Labs offer premium dog food for all of their customers. 

These are just some of the things you can expect when going through Lucky Labs, as they are a leading Canadian Kennel Club registered breeder.

How Does It Work?

Lucky Labs is based just outside of Wallaceburg, Canada, and welcomes puppies into the world on their large country estate.

This is a brilliant place for labrador puppies to start a healthy, happy life and Lucky Labs work closely with their animals to ensure their health from the very beginning.

As a leading breeder, this family works closely with their puppies and gets them used to human contact early on. Labradors are a friendly, gentle breed that gets on well with all kinds of people but the key to success is ensuring they are socialized from a young age.

This family has years of experience working with labradors, and they provide all of the colors recognized by the Candian Kennel Club. Families can take their pick from chocolate, yellow, or black labradors that have been bred for health and happiness.

As this is a leading breeder, there is a waiting list for all available puppies.

This is a good chance for families to learn more about their puppy and ensure that they are ready to provide a forever home to this animal. Lucky Labs do have a rehoming program to ensure that none of their puppies enter a shelter, but they aim to find the perfect home for all of their dogs.

You can learn more about their breeding program and which puppies are available at their website.

Labrador Puppies For Sale

Labrador puppies are in high demand at all times of the year, which means the availability at Lucky Labs can vary.

There is a waiting list for all of their available puppies, and this breeder offers support materials to families who want to bring a dog into their life.

Buying a puppy is not something you can decide impulsively, which is why Lucky Labs offer services to families who are still deciding whether this is a good decision for them. 

All puppies undergo initial training from birth, making them easier to teach when you bring them home. 

Dogs can be a wonderful companion if you can offer them a home.

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