How to Maintain Your Dignity After Being Dumped

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Incredible as it seems they have really dumped you. It’s sorry enough that the relationship ended, but the fact that they ended it first just pushes you off the grid. You wish you had dumped them before they dumped you, but they beat you to it. So now you must move on with your life with dignity and grace. But how do you maintain your dignity after a breakup.

Don’t plead and grovel for a second chance! Even if you want your partner back, crying and pleading do not normally work in the long run. You may be motivated to assure drastic reforms in your attitude and character if they take you back, but this will only repel them. To maintain your character, you need to stop, hold your peace, and take a deep breath. Learn why they left you so that you can make a concrete plan on how to positively move on from here.

Give up your urge to make them understand you. They may have made wrong accusations or said harsh things when they broke up with you, and you would like an opportunity to explain yourself to them. But the reality is that whatever you say now will be greeted with mistrust since they have already made up his mind about you. Anything that you speak now will be received with doubt and will not do anything positive for you, so leave things as they are. Changing their mind about you at this stage is an act of wrong futility.

Don’t wear sackcloth and move around with a mournful face. You may feel like you want the entire world to see your grief so that ‘they can condole with you, but this will just make you an object of mockery and place a spotlight on your battered self-esteem. Rage and cry if you need to but do it privately as you need to preserve your character by not having an apathetic audience to your pain.

Get the proper perspective. To retain your peace, you must realize that there is more to life than the person who left you. They were important to you, but they were not the sum of your life, and your life is so much bigger than them. At this moment, you may genuinely believe that your life just cannot get better, but the truth is that if you just keep breathing, the pain will one day be totally gone.

Avoid negativity and insults. You will be fascinated to hurt them with words to lessen your hurt somehow or just get your revenge while you can but do NOT give in to this temptation. Difficult as this may be, don’t repay evil for evil but be courteous to them when you accidentally bump into them. You will come through to them as a graceful person of character and you will feel a sense of self-respect.

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