How to Have a Family Whilst Studying at Medical School

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When considering career goals and attending medical school, many students are going to be fully focused on their medicine degree without thinking about a family. However, for other students, it may be that you’re attending medical school whilst already raising a family or studying for medicine alongside caring for a newborn. 

Here is provided a guide for how to manage these two important responsibilities, how to find the right balance and know that it’s all possible. It’s always important to remember that raising a family and being career – and study – focused don’t always have to be one or the other; achieving both is a worthy goal. 

Arrange All the Help You Need

Whether this is asking loved ones to care for your child during your study hours or whether you need to implement professional childcare services so that you’re free to attend classes and exams, asking for help is essential. There is no shame in it, it’s responsible, and it means your child is cared for while you can focus on your medical studies.

Regain Your Confidence

Becoming a new parent is a rewarding experience, but it can also affect your confidence in many different ways, especially if you are trying to focus on earning a professional medical degree. It’s important to do what you can to restore that confidence in order to apply it to your life, parenting, and your academic aspirations. 

If you are suffering from any confidence issues following childbirth, it’s important not to ignore them so that they don’t negatively impact your studies, your relationships, or your parenting. If your confidence issues are body-related, you can speak with the best cosmetic gynecologist in the US, David Ghozland, for advice. If your confidence is regarding your studies, speak with your friends, colleagues, and tutors to discuss the situation. If any confidence issues relate to child-raising, then always be sure to speak to family, friends, or professional support services to get back on track. 

Explain the Situation to Your Family 

If your children are at an age where they can talk and understand, no doubt they’re going to pay attention to your routine. The medical field is naturally demanding with long hours, and this may mean that you don’t have a lot of spare family time or that you miss key hours of the day with your children — and they will pick up on that. 

This doesn’t mean you have anything to feel guilty for, however. Communication is key for helping all family members understand that you’re studying for a medical degree, the hours you can expect to be working, and why you’re pursuing your goals. Help your family to understand and plan out your schedule effectively for dedicated family time when you’re not studying so that they know you’re still providing time and attention to them. 

Speak to Other Parents 

It may be that there is someone in your class or in your institution who is also raising a child alongside their studies. Or, if you can seek out specific people or groups, this will provide helpful advice, support, and a sense of community to know that you’re not alone in wanting to pursue medical school alongside parenting. 

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