How to do a Dance Lift?

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This dance lift looks terrific and is comparatively easy to do! It uses three or four people and is even likely with dancers of all the similar size.

Let’s explore

Prepare your team. You’ll need the right team to accomplish the lift:

  • One dancer to be lifted: this dancer must have proper core strength.
  • A couple of dancers to do the lifting must carry some upper arm strength to present a base and optimal core strength.
  • One dancer, in the end, added to the lifting team to help and stabilize the person being lifted into the air. This person is optional but does make things safer and easier.

Get into position. The raised dancer should be in the middle and front, with all dancers staring in the same direction. Two lifters should be to the side and with the one behind (optional)

  • The raised dancer must stand with their feet in the first position.
  • The two lifters must stand with their feet shoulder-width apart, somewhat offset.
  • The back lifter should stand in the second position.

Ready the arms. The lifted dancer should have their arms out in a solid second position, pushing the shoulders down and back to create the necessary opposition to sustain the lift.

  • The side lifters should have one hand near the armpit as if creating a shelf, and one hand comfortably between the wrist and elbow.
  • If the optional lifter is there, their hands should be firmly gripping the lifted dancer’s waist.

Lift! The lift should come from the knees. All participants should have set counts in their head for preparation, plié, and lift.

  • The lifted dancer must actively jump into the air as she is lifted, as her own momentum will help her get into the air. She must then hold her body tight and in the proper position.
  • The side lifters must come from underneath the arms and push up.

Hold the lift. The lift may last as long or as short as desired.

  • Counts must be agreed upon so everyone is in sync with what they are supposed to be doing, be it walking or holding still.
  • The lifted dancer must hold their arms and body incredibly tight and in the desired position.

Get down.

  • Finishing the lift must end in sync. One side cannot go down before the other.
  • The lifted dancer must be ready to be put down.
  • As always, agree upon counts to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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