How to do a budget-friendly trip to Mumbai

Mumbai is a populated city on the west coast of India, right to the Arabian Sea. It is formerly called Bombay. It is the financial center of India and also the largest city In India. It is well known for its tourism. Many things will blow your mind. Mumbai can be the best destination for your trip. So, start looking for flight from Bangalore to Mumbai or from any of your boarding places to Mumbai to avail some low cost flight rates.

When to visit

October to February is the best time to visit Mumbai; otherwise, you will face many problems like heavy rain, high temperature etc., if you visit there in other seasons. From October to February, there will be winter, so that will be the great time to explore the city and sightseeing. As the weather is good, you can walk in the city comfortably and explore its past and present. You will have a great time there.

Where to stay

This city is famous for its hotels also. There are luxury hotels as well as cheap hotels for tourists. If you are looking for a budget-friendly trip, then luxury hotels should not be your choice. There are hotels like Locomo Hostel, Hotel Paradise etc. that will cost you a low price for staying. So the average accommodation price is 3,000 rupees per person per night. Accommodation is not a big problem in Mumbai as there are plenty of cheap hotels for budget-friendly tourists.


Mumbai is the largest city in India. You must need a taxi for the exploration around the city. Transportation is a little bit cheap in Mumbai. It generally costs 22 Rs for every 1.5 Km. It will cost an extra 1.5 for every 1 min wait. But it is the best and comfortable way for exploration. Public transport will be cheaper than taxis. It will cost 8 Rs per 2Km. So the average price for the transportation will be 1500 Rs per 100 Km per day per person. There are double-decker buses in Mumbai, which is a great attraction among tourists.


Mumbai has some amazing food for you. It is especially famous for fast food at low prices. There is fast food like Vada Pav, Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Kebabs and Rolls, Bombay Duck Fry etc. the average price of this fast food is 50 Rs per person.

It is best for you as an afternoon meal. On the other hand, restaurants will cost 300 Rs per meal. So the average price for the three-time meals is 1500 Rs per person per day.

Five best sights to visit in Mumbai

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj terminus

It’s a historical terminal train station designed by architectural engineer Frederick William Steves. This station was opened in May 1888.

The Gateway of India

It’s an arch-monument built in the early 20th century. Its architectural style is Indo-Saracenic architecture.

Elephanta Caves

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are cave temples that are Hindu God Shiva.

Marine Drive

 It’s a 3.6 Km long Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, where you can see the best view of sunrise and sunset.

Sanjay Gandhi National park

It was established in 1996. These parks offer you so many ancient sculptures. This place is best for exploration.

The entry fees of these places are around 10 Rs per person. 

Can you for a budget-friendly trip to Mumbai

The answer is yes. You can have a budget-friendly trip there. Total expenses of the seven day trip of 4 persons is 40,000 Rs including accommodation, food etc. Visit Mumbai; you will have a great time there.

Have a great vacation!

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