Google Messages now allow font size changes in conversation threads

(IANS) Google is rolling out a new option where users can now pinch-to-zoom to change the font size in Google Messages for Android.

The functionality is quite straightforward and starts by opening any thread. Pinching out with two fingers increases most text in the current window, though the app bar stays the same.

All timestamps and message bubbles adjust accordingly, including the prompt and any entered text in the compose field.

Icons, like contact avatars and the send button, and menus remain static, 9To5Google reported.

There are several increments and users can pinch in to return to the default size.

Users cannot adjust text size while the keyboard is open. The current font size applies to all conversation threads, but the main list view is unchanged.

In the past, those that needed bigger text in Google Messages had to head into system settings and adjust the font and/or display size, thus impacting the entire device.

This is a nice app-level implementation. That said, while the adjustment is intuitive, it’s quite hidden, the report said.

This ability to change the font size in Google Messages has been a long-running request for some. It’s not clear what version enabled it, but the adjustment is available on current versions, including the latest 8.3.026 beta.

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