Google brings new ‘Insights’ tool for web creators

(IANS) Google is rolling out a new Search Console Insights tool that provides creators with an overview of how their content is performing.

The new feature makes it easier to understand how content resonates with readers. It is aimed at all levels of technical expertise with a user-friendly interface for understanding performance.

The tool features high-level charts and cards showing stats for “Your new content” and “Google Search”.

Google says it will help answer questions like what is your best performing content and which pieces of content are trending, how are your new pieces of content performing, how do people discover your content across the web, etc.

The best Search Console Insights experience requires linking your Google Analytics account to a relevant property, the report said.

Only Google Analytics Universal Analytics properties are currently supported, but Google Analytics 4 is coming soon, it added.

This Insights tool — currently in beta — can be launched directly here or from the top of the Search Console’s Overview page.

It is also coming to mobile directly in the Google app for iOS and Android from the menu that appears when you tap your profile picture.

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