Gemini Weekly Horoscope 6th – 12th June 2021

Love and Relationships

This week is likely to be full of romance and passion and you may be surprised to see your partner’s efforts to maintain the harmony in your relationship. You may now be more affectionate and caring towards your partner. Moreover, both together are likely to bring peace in your relationship and make your bond stronger than before. Besides, the couples who are planning to get married may start saving for their foreign trip. You may plan for a candlelight dinner this week and spend quality time together.


Education-wise, you are likely to perform well this week. Those who have been working hard to find their way out may get the desired results. You will prepare by burning the midnight oil. Therefore, your efforts will give you good results. Students planning to pursue Engineering or Medical related courses and looking for an international University to sponsor their course may get a positive response this week. You may get a chance to showcase your talent and creative abilities. If you have been finding easy and short ways to score, may end up being disappointed. You may get the desired support and the right advice from your parents to pursue higher studies this week. Try to follow their advice.


Health needs to be taken proper care of. You may be quite prone to impulsive actions that you need to avoid. Subsequently, it may lead to severe problems. It is best to take things light and easy to see better results. Some of you may suffer from irritations in your eyes which may cause worries. Digestion problems are also foreseen. It is the best thing to avoid eating street food. Eating healthy is the key to a healthy lifestyle. You suffer from dehydration, due to poor intake of water. Therefore, pay attention to your health.


This week, you are likely to maintain financial stability. There are chances of an increase in your cash flow. You may not struggle with your finances now. Your income is likely to increase and you may be now able to fulfill your desires. You may not now need to take a loan from your friend. However, be conservative with your finances; when the next period of budgetary tightness comes around you`ll be glad you did. Also, there is a need to keep your idea of investment intact.


If you leave your comfort zone, you are likely to find that your career horizons are broadened more than you have imagined. If you work in a pharmacy or in a medical field, you may get overseas opportunities this week. Also, it’s time to make the most of your abilities. You should explore these options even if you had discounted them before, as they are likely to be quite interesting and promising for you. Moreover, keep a positive frame of mind on this front, as these formalities always take time. You are on the right track! However, the week is not ideal for the partnership business. Stay cautious while making any important decisions related to your business.

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