From a dearth of PPE kits to becoming second largest producer of PPE, now India has created a history by administrating the largest covid vaccine drive

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India, a country with a huge population , was soaring high with its flourishing economy, conquering all internal issues, and obstacles. Modi govt was bringing reforms in many sectors. The impact was ostensibly visible in the country. However, a new gigantic Chinese disaster was flapping its wings to fly to all countries to flabbergast the entire world with its dire form of destruction. Covid 19 reached India in March, the govt wasn’t expecting it to create a havoc. Therefore, the adequacy of arrangements to confront the virus wasn’t sufficient. Not only India, even USA wasn’t prepared for covid 19 as it was a new unknown challenge for the entire humanity. An uncontrolled pandemic struck the world, spreading faster than the light, started to kill people before the scientist could figure out anything about this virus. From Beijing to New York, it travelled every part of the world and terrified the humankind. This invisible Chinese invader began to sabotage all medical infrastructure of all developed and developing countries. USA, a developed country seemed helpless when this virus manifested its monstrous form and killed thousands of Americans. USA recorded highest number of covid cases, and deaths. But, The international media was busy campaigning for Joe Biden, so they didn’t get curious about knowing the origin of this virus. 

Here in India, an unnecessary protest against Citizenship amendment act was going on, under which anti-India activities were secretly thriving with a purpose of breaking India as the govt had successfully thwarted their attempts of tarnishing India’s image internationally and comfortably attacking Hindus under the fabricated secularism. When covid 19 hit India, this protest had certainly boosted its capacity to spread more vigorously. A large number of people protesting against the govt was apparently an endearing welcome to the virus. 

Within a couple of days, India reported one lac cases. That’s when Indian fear mongering media began its horrible game. By now international media had started to show how horrible the condition was in other countries. Hospitals brimming with thousands of deploring people, people hustling to get groceries and essentials, people fighting to get masks and sanitizers, these visuals on TV were enough to scare people. Indian news channels were curiously reporting covid 19 and sharing information about it. Although there was no accurate information about the virus so far. But, this is India, news channels sell misinformation without thinking how their delusional knowledge can impact the audience.

Indian healthcare system seemed to collapse within few months. There was a huge paucity of medical materials, PPE kits, medical masks, and other necessary things to fight against covid 19. Meanwhile, Indian opposition leaders began to hurl allegations at the govt for falling to fight against the virus. Indian media had quickly shifted its attention from covid 19 ceaseless surge to targeting the govt rather than spreading awareness about covid19. Doctors were struggling to tackle the situation since the virus had begun its havoc across the world. India was struggling equally along with other countries. 

The challenges were umpteen in front of the government of India. First, hundreds of people were huddling in the heart of the national capital Delhi to protest against the govt daily amid covid cases. People were not taking this virus seriously due to some illogical statements of some politicians about covid 19. Besides, news channels were incessantly disseminating fear which had swiftly made people panic. The govt had to deal with all these challenges at once. The opposition, media, and the virus. But, First two were more dangerous than virus. 

Fortunately, Modi government didn’t pay any attention to the vociferating throats of the opposition parties and media, rather empathized the need of manufacturing medical equipment as soon as possible . Even though the govt was in the vortex of challenges, colliding with new nuisances one after one. On the other side, Journalists conniving with political parties were brazenly planning to utilize this pandemic as a golden opportunity to bombard the govt by creating more problems in the country. The media spilled fear and a sense of helplessness on people by showing the condition of hospitals. Although, the reality wasn’t that terrifying. As death rate was very low compared to USA. 

Remembering 2020 still gives everyone goosebumps as to how media was trying to suppress the spirit of fighting back against this virus, which was awakened by Pm Narendra Modi. Some ridiculed his ways of handling the situation, but the entire country was firmly standing with the Pm. As all his efforts to handle the situation were apparent to be seen. Within a span of few months, India had surprisingly become the world’s second largest producer of PPE kits, masks and other medical stuffs. Moreover, To boost the morale of brave doctors, Indian govt had showered flowers to express profuse gratitude to all front line warriors. However, Fear mongering by media, and criticism by the political parties were not willing to ebb away despite knowing the fact that whole world was struggling to control the virus. Their intentions were only to attack the govt. Media could have played an important role in handling the situation, but our media was engrossed in fear mongering and virus related lies wrapped with panic for publicity. 

The eyes of the world were glued on India, helplessly waiting for the good news. The vaccine was the only thing the whole world was uncontrollably waiting for. In January 2021, after unabated fight against the virus, the made in India vaccines came out, shafting a ray of hope for the world to conquer this pandemic and heal. Although other vaccines were also manufactured in other countries, yet indigenous vaccines were certainly India’s great achievement.

Now, at this juncture, since January, India has been continuously vaccinating its huge population for free after helping other countries by giving them the vaccine. The world has witnessed a new savior as India. It is undoubtedly a moment of proud for Indians to cherish. From a dearth of PPE kits to manufacturing its own vaccine, India had certainly come too far from its position as a developing country. It has shown the world how a country can achieve what no one ever thinks it can if there is determination. It should be blithely celebrated. Indian medical science has carved its niche for India in handling covid like situations by itself. It must be ridiculous for congress, and its domesticated journalists who have sadly become too cynical to laud the govt for working hard to ensure the safety of every citizen. Undoubtedly, media has got too toxic to even talk about positivity. They can attack govt, misinform people, and spread lies. But the spirit of India is still high. 

Consequently, today India is snatching its lost glory of the world guru again by creating history everyday. The yoga has made the whole world adore India for its magical results. This year, while celebrating international yoga day, India has made a surprisingly great record of vaccinating 8.5 million people in a day. This will always be remembered how a developing country administrated the largest and fastest free vaccine drive in the world. While this is making Indians proud who made it possible by coming out to get vaccinated, a Magsaysay awarded journalist, who lives in his own fallacies, making him feel like he has a copyright on journalism, couldn’t digest this news. Due to his controllable obsession with Pm Modi, he ended up writing a long article with some undiscovered words of disappointment, explaining why it isn’t an achievement of the government, rather a debacle. Hysterical frustration made him compare covid 19, which took millions of lives in the world, with polio. He said that this is not the largest vaccine drive. The largest polio vaccine drive was actually administered by the congress govt in 2012. His illogical logics have enhanced the joy, and people were seen trolling him for his whimsical idiocy which he had orchestrated in order to please his friends in politics. This is India. We have a group of cynics who can probably never appreciate the govt for taking India higher. Although after 2014, nobody entertains these journalists. As their credibility was lost once Congress party was pulverized by BJP.  

It’s unequivocally great to be able to witness how Indians stand for the nation when these pseudo progressive people, politicians, journalists attempt to defame it, just to vent their hatred for Pm Modi. Whereas, he adamantly keeps doing what is appropriate for the betterment of this country amidst ceaseless criticism and this is probably why his popularity is at peak. For nothing gladdens a nationalist more than India’s glory scintillating in the world. 

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