Facebook acquires Unit 2 Games


(IANS) Facebook has announced that it is acquiring Unit 2 Games, the developer behind free-to-play game creation and sharing tool Crayta.

Like some other platforms out there, it builds on top of the Unreal Engine and gives users a more simple creation interface teamed with discovery and community features.

Crayta has cornered its niche pushing monetisation paths like Battle Pass seasons, giving the platform a more Fortnite-like vibe as well, TechCrunch reported.

The report said that Unit 2 has been around for just over three years and Crayta was launched last July.

Its audience has likely been limited by the studio’s deal to exclusively launch on Google’s cloud-streaming platform Stadia, though it’s also available on the Epic Games Store as of March, it added.

The title feels designed for the lightweight nature of cloud-gaming platforms, with users able to share access to games just by linking other users and Facebook seems keen to use Crayta to push forward their efforts in the gaming sphere.

The entire team will be coming on as part of the acquisition, though the financial terms of the deal weren’t shared.

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