“Don’t you hear Jai Shri Ram in this muted video of a man getting thrashed by Muslims?” questioned secularism to the auctioned Indian media

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There was a time when newspapers used to bring news with sheer credibility. New channels didn’t have the vociferating uncouth journalists. We really miss that time when journalism was not a way to target communities, spread misinformation and stir political agenda. It was a sacred profession which was to strengthen democracy not to hammer it with shame. However, now the real definition of journalism has been fragmented into many shards whichever suits journalists, is adopted. At this time, journalists are auctioned by media houses for their political allies like porcelain puppets and their candor is sold. Although they hardly avoid wearing a label of unbiased journalism. Which is why journalism has been badly tarnished in India.  

In current juncture of time, if any incident occurs in any part of the country, the vultures in the garb of journalists reach the spot and try to rummage through few things which can help them present the news in their favorite ways to make it a big headline. And yes, if requires fiction, writers are there to embellish it with delusional facts. New penchant has definitely hijacked their minds: intertwining any dispute with a religious chant ‘Jai Shri Ram‘. 

A couple of days ago, a muted video of an old Muslim man getting assaulted by goons in Ghaziabad has been swiftly circulated. And then, fake news factories alt news, the quint, and the wire were quick to respond to fan communal tension by sharing the video with a title ‘Muslim man was forced to chant jai shri Ram, when he denied to comply, goons had thrashed him brutally’. Currently unemployed Bollywood actresses who eagerly wait for such incidents to exhibit their activism and secularism, came out, and shared the fake news on social media, spewing venom against Hindus without any evidence. 

Within a span of few hours, all left inclined and pro Islamic journalists fanned this fake news vehemently, posting snide cartoons of Bhagwan Ram with that muted video. They instantly called it islamophobia, despite not knowing even a bit about the incident. The intention behind their actions was truly their unruly hatred for Hindus. They shamelessly stooped this low that now any incident happens, they are all time ready to blame Hindus for it including incessant genocide in Iran. Political parties Congress, AAP, and SP became aggressive attacking yogi govt for this incident, indirectly showcasing him as a hoodlum. 

Meanwhile, after taking cognizance of the incident, Up police arrested the accused immediately and debunked the fake news which was first tweeted by alt news co-founder Muhammad zubair. In a couple of hours, to stop such fake news by these so-called journalists on twitter yogi govt instantly lodged a F. I. R against alt news journalists, Rana ayyub, and others. Up police exposed their lies by explaining the incident explicitly and disclosed the names of the accused. They were Muslims. This was obviously sufficient to delineate the dilemma of these pseudo secular journalists who first check the religion of the accused and then say anything. They quickly flinched and wanted this news to ebb away soon. But by now up police had decided to act strictly against these hate mongers disguised as journalists. The claim which journalists made that the old man was beaten up for not chanting jai shri Ram was convincingly refuted by the police and questioned how did journalists hear jai shri Ram in a muted video? I wonder if they cultivated a new uncanny skill of hearing anything I want in a muted video. Indian secularism can possibly make auctioned journalists do anything for propaganda against Hindus. 

Ironically, this fake news was started by Muhammad zubair who happens to be a fact checker. Yes, it’s hilarious. All the offensive caricatures of this incident slandering Hindus were immediately deleted just after he deleted the tweet and apologized for it in a cunning way. All of a sudden, all the clamor died down like nothing happened since they were brilliantly exposed by the police. However, It was the time to face the music. 

Yogi govt seemed to be adamant to take a strict action against these fake new peddlers who attempted to ignite communal tension as the elections are going to happen next year. This was apparently a sordid attempt to smear yogi Adityanath’s image to fetch some help for other parties to win in upcoming elections which can sponsor them. In the meantime, A Germany based YouTuber Dhruv rathi who actually purports to know everything about anything, in sooth, he doesn’t undoubtedly know anything except chuntering about figments which are his insane logics, began to deplore the legal actions taken by up police against his fellows, indirectly justifying fake news because he believes that the leftists are privileged to peddle fake news and disrupt harmony so that he can make videos on how Modi govt is destroying India, making a hell for minority and suppressing the activists. On the other hand, Freedom of speech is now being misused by such journalists who work for political parties, who lurk to create a chaos in the country to blame the govt and sell a huge amount of panic and despair on news channels and feed lies to the audience in order to let fear pervade the air of the country. This is the reason why India media is touching the nadir. 

Journalism which is supposed to strengthen democracy of the nation by being the voice to the citizens and spread the explicit news, is brazenly destroying the constitution day after day by distorting the news for some personal benefits and peddling a huge series of fake news which could easily fuel communal riots in India. Journalists who flaunt their unbiased journalism with the awards they get from their own media houses, are cunningly concocting the news which even doesn’t exist, while distorting facts for the political parties which sponsor them when they are in power in order to attack the ruling party which has successfully awakened Hindus about anti Hindu activities of these parties and media houses. This is what opposition leaders and their journalists are unable to digest as the alms and artificial honor they would get from formal govt are now long gone. Moreover, Parliamentary hospitality for them which they savored for years has ended since Bjp came in power. Now they don’t even get a chance to interview Pm like they used to do in the past. Parliament and Pmo were like their restaurants which they would visit like some important guests. This is certainly bothering them to a level which is making them behave like a maniac. So, their vicious intentions are conspicuous, for one can’t stay silent if one’s conceit is hit or alms are taken away from a mendicant. 

Nowadays, they are intensely trying to target Hindus with fake news, avidly defaming Hindu religious chant jai shri Ram. This is the plight of journalism in India. News channel exude negativity. Journalists have become the puppets of political parties and unfortunately, journalism has become ribaldry. People have somewhat stopped watching news due to its unnecessary clamor and sophistry. In any hazardous situation, media is supposed to play a role of a savior, sadly Indian media gladly plays a role of a saboteur. Delhi riot 2020 is a vivid example of this fact. In recent covid 19 surge in India, people were misled, misinformed about it, panicked by media with incessant bewildering news. Media has ceaselessly fed fear, and helplessness to the audience by making the pyres headlines on channels and news papers. Everyone was unimaginably terrified. So, lakhs of people have boycotted news channels this year due to media’s unwanted hullabaloo. Now, Indian media is being considered more detrimental than any other disease and dangerous than any enemy of the country. For it is feeding us unabated what is injurious to the harmony of this country; fake news. 

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