DIY Plastic Bag Holder Ideas

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This piece has several different DIY plastic bag concepts that you can make use of. It shows how you can make the best of plastic shopping bags without needing to make any kind of purchase. Rather, check your home and you are going to see numerous plastic containers that you can put to good use like turning them into a homemade plastic bag dispenser. you will be amazed to know the number of bags that you can put into these pesky containers, particularly if you wad or fold them into tight shapes. 

It is a good suggestion that once you have kept a good amount of these plastic holders, you can decide to go for recycling of extra ones that you have also stored aside but do not fit into the container. You must be honest with yourself because there is a limit to the number you need. 

Grocery Bag Holder Using Cleaning Wipes Kit

This is an easy solution that turns your simple dispenser for your shopping packs – cleaning wipes container. You are going to be amazed to know the number of packs that you can keep inside these. You can keep them in the bathroom and kitchen. 

Baby Wipes Kit as Plastic Bag Storage and Dispenser

These containers are the most ideal when it comes to using them as plastic bag dispensers. You can make use of empty wipes container after you have decluttered your plastic grocery bags. All you must do is fold the grocery bags then stack them all inside. You can then pull one out individually and you still end up conserving space while keeping dozens inside just one. You can also use the baby wipes containers as your new plastic bag dispensers or even storage boxes for the plastic shopping bags that you have folded up. 

Bag Dispenser with Oatmeal Container or Coffee Canister 

It is also possible to make use of several kinds of round containers like used oatmeal containers or coffee canisters, to craft a typical bag dispenser, particularly if these containers come with lids. You can use plastic containers or coffee canister to make these dispensers. You can also get to make use of cardboard containers as your dispensers. Many people use grocery bags to collect cat litter or even for tiny trash can liners. 

To do this, you will need to make a hole at the lower end of the oatmeal container that is to be utilized as the dispenser. For the bags to work well as dispensers, you get to arrange and rolls the bags inside the container. You can also flatten the bag, fold them into two, arrange them in layers and then roll all of them up. This is going to save you space and dispensing becomes easy. 

DIY Bag Holder with Tissue Box

This is one of the most well-known concepts and it is making use of a disused box for the storage of the bags. You simply fold properly so it comes out very neat. Users often comment on how amazed they are to know the number of bags that can be fixed inside the small container. You can wrap the bag over your fingers and then tuck them inside. Every ball is then arranged snugly inside an empty tissue box. 

Plastic Bag Dispenser Using Tide Pods Containers

You can be as creative as you want with these containers as you are free to arrange the items inside them as you like. You can even choose to close the lids and tuck them away portably. 

Repurposing of Plastic Milk Jugs

A washed-out plastic milk container is still useful as a holder. Cut the holes on the sides as you desire and place in your bedroom or bathrooms where it is used as the holder for items. 

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