Delhi’s Best Sexologist, “Dr. Shriyans Jain” shared his exclusive opinions

Dr. Shriyans Jain

WHO stated in its report that “Sexual health is fundamental to the overall health and well-being o-f individuals, couples, and families, and to the social and economic development of communities and countries.” But in developing countries like India, the talk about sexual issues is an immoral sign, and it’s a significant reason behind the rapidly growing sexual problems. So, just think, if a common discussion on sexual health is taboo in society, then the dispense of sexual treatment clinics is a getaway that throws out the taboo. 

Dr. Shriyans Jain is a top sexologist in Delhi, and he succeeded his family’s 94 year old heritage and profession of his father, Dr SK Jain and established a well-facilitated sexual treatment clinic named Dr. SK Jain Burlington Clinic treats millions of people and cures several sexual issues such as STDs, infertility, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and much more. 

His clinic is well-known for premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi and also other sexual disease treatment like std, nightfall, stamina improvement, low libido and other male sexual problems. Nevertheless, several things are related to sex that are a mystery for many people as they don’t have adequate knowledge of sexual diseases. 

While treating millions of people, Dr. Shriyans Jain found that people have knowledge about sex, but it is incomplete. Therefore he took the initiative and situated an advanced clinic in Delhi/NCR to educate people throughout the treatment. 

Many readers asked us about the best treatment for sexual issues. However, it may be important information for many, so we interviewed Dr. Shriyans Jain, the CEO of Dr. SK. Jain Burlington Clinic and got the intellectual facts and things about sexual health and his ultra-modern clinic’s intelligence.

Let’s know what we asked him and how he replied to our questions! 

What do you think? Why do people go for ayurvedic treatment over IVF treatment?

I appreciate the advanced treatment process, and we also follow the advanced technology of treatment, but in my opinion, natural treatment is the best form of therapy to unroot any sexual problem as it is harm-free and doesn’t cause any further problems. Maybe people also consider this point. 

However, IVF is also an advanced form of treatment that gives a lady a wonderful experience to be pregnant and give birth to a baby, but it can’t be affordable for all. It’s only successful in the highly-advanced clinics, and this treatment is also costly. In contrast, anyone can intake ayurvedic treatment with their budget, and in our country, people get treated by Ayurveda from ancient years. So, Ayurveda is the asset that we gain from our ancestors. 

Moreover, the Vitro fertilization process as long as it involves a series of medical processors; even though there is no guarantee of successful fertilization, it’s a sensitive technology. Consequently, people avoid or prevent themselves from unnecessary procedures, and it has been seen that nowadays, people prefer to choose natural ways in everything. Hence, they consider ayurvedic treatment rather than IVF therapy, and I also suggest people use ayurvedic therapies for better and risk-free results.    

What do you think? What’s the role of Ayurveda in sex-therapy? Or is it an effective way to cure people?

Ayurveda is an ancient treatment system, and India is the land where it is generated. Ayurveda is considered a holistic treatment, and therefore, we utilize this holistic treatment process in our clinic. I believe that Ayurveda is the best way to cure sexual diseases than allopathic, homeopathic, etc. 

I applied the ayurvedic treatment to my clients, and it helps them. However, in Ayurveda, there is no need for expensive surgeries and loads of medicines, and it’s the best thing that I like. At our clinic, we only treat people with pain-free Ayurvedic treatment for any sexual diseases, and it is effective as our clients come and tell us the great outcome of Ayurvedic treatment. 

It’s a harm-free therapy that doesn’t cause any side-effects. I recommend all my clients only use ayurvedic medicines and therapy as it is effective without any destructive impact on their health. 

How did you break the taboo of sexual problems within society? What are the techniques that you utilized in your clinic to make people comfortable? 

When I started my profession as a sexologist, I faced challenges in understanding people’s problems. They were feeling shy and hesitant to tell their problem; this was what I observed in my childhood with my father. The communication gap between a sexologist and a patient is atrocious as it is a barrier that prevents the patient from the best treatment. 

So, in my initial practicing days, I organized many workshops in which we used to perform several activities through which we eliminate the hesitation about sexual problems. However, being a sexologist, I realized that a friendly nature is essential to deal with the patient as it makes them comfortable to tell their problem. 

Our clinic also trained our practitioners to provide an open place for the patients to share their problems comfortably. Patients suffering from sexual problems don’t need sympathy, they require empathy, and at our clinic, we treat them with non-judgemental treatments with an insured and friendly environment. At a vast level, we are successful in breaking the taboo in society. We are continuing our efforts to create a space where anyone can share their sexual problem within society without any hesitation. 

Sex-Education is a flashing topic nowadays; what are your opinions on it, and do your clinic also promote this knowledge? 

In my opinion, lack of sex-education is the reason behind the sexual problems. It’s not just a topic of biology books, it’s a lesson of our healthier life, and it should be known to everyone. Everyone should spread this knowledge to the young generation, and we also take the initiative. We also organize many workshops, campaigns, and activities to educate people about the importance of sex education and how they can live a healthy sexual life. 

Moreover, our practitioners also taught the patients about the importance of a healthy sex-life in our clinic. Sex-education should be a part of teaching, unlike hygiene and sanitation education. Once we spread education awareness to the young generation, there will be no risk of sexual problems. 

What’s your future plan?

Well, I planned to work a lot in improving India’s medical state, especially in sexual treatment. However, my father is a sexologist, and I grew up in an atmosphere where I observed society’s backwardness. Whenever my father asked a person about his sexual state, he hesitated, which provoked me. Moreover, when I was in my college days, I found no technically advanced clinics where people can get treatment for sexual problems in our country. At that time, I thought that I would start an advanced clinic one day, and now it is true. I achieved one of the future goals and established this clinic to accomplish my father’s dream; therefore, make all my efforts to advance Dr. SK. Jain Burlington Clinic with the latest ayurvedic treatment facilities. 

I dreamed a lot to pursue my family profession and provide people a better place where they can get effective and natural confidential treatment of sexual disorders. As a growing country, we developed in many fields but let’s side with all the developments and look at the number of advanced sexual clinics; we are still far behind in the number of advanced sexual clinics in India. So, we are developing and may hope to inaugurate many more sexual clinics where people can get effective treatment. We aimed to design a place where everyone can get affordable treatment. Our objective is to make a world free from sexual disorders, and we are working on our upcoming projects to inaugurate more advanced clinics in the whole world. 

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