Common website designs mistakes that businesses make


Are you looking forward to taking your business to the global platform? Use of social media and websites is therefore imperative to your goal and a proper plan must be used to attain this. The best websites have the ability to market the services you offer besides helping you with branding and easier identification in your online operations for instance advertisements. Since not all of us are professional coders, you can get proper website building services from best website designers that have years of training and experience. Ignoring them in your plan to build a website can see you commit some of the following common website design errors.

Unresponsive websites

Have you ever browsed for information and the pages you need cannot load properly? This is a common website design problem that web owners experience and without knowing the cause. The visitors on your website pages never have a lot of time to dilly dally, it is therefore good for them if your site can respond faster. In the first five seconds of loading, expect the visitors to bounce off. Reduced traffic will mean no progress for your online business so make sure a professional web developing firm shows you the way.

Poor layout and design

If you are running an ecommerce store online, your website needs to be functional and reliable. Supposing there are forms clients must fill or details needed during the purchase process, ensure your website can deliver efficiency for the users. This is mostly about how you design your website for instance the features that you install and most importantly factors like navigation count too. A good design makes it easy for customers to know what they want on your website and most importantly how to get to what they want.

No call to action plan

A call to action plan is the strategy that your website has or uses to help with conversion of regular website visitors to clients. The pathways must be mapped ideally for users just to make sure that they have an easy time signing up, shopping and even making payments for services on your site. This begins with providing all the necessary contact details and useful information on the landing page for those seeking to make purchases from you. A website with a call to action plan is clearly doomed and its design must be revisited by professionals to improve chances for success.

Not mobile responsive

We live in the digital era where one can access your website on a wide range of devices. This is however only possible if your website is mobile responsive unlike the old designs. You might have a lot of customers and potential clients who rely on their smart phones and tablets to browse but fail them by having an unresponsive website. The display of your website should change depending on the device it is being viewed in for this will make it easier to access your website and services from anywhere and any device that is being used.

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