Chrome OS notifications will soon get UI revamp

(IANS) As Chrome OS continues to become ever more popular, Google has confirmed that Chrome OS notifications would get a redesign with the addition of some sorely needed functionalities.

According to 9To5Google, development has started recently for an overhaul to Chrome OS notifications.

There are, unfortunately, no visuals available for what this new UI will look like, but one does get key details from the commit and its associated commentary, the report said.

The report mentioned that Google is working on this new UI without going into much detail, but notification grouping will be a key part of the overhaul.

As it stands today, notifications on Chrome OS are visually very similar to Android, but they don’t work in quite the same way.

The biggest disparity is that notifications don’t group on the desktop/laptop OS, which can lead to a lot of clutter if you don’t keep up with notifications as they arrive.

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