Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 27th June – 3rd July 2021

Love and Relationships

This seems to be a promising week for your love life. Not only will you spend a memorable time with your partner but most of your expectations and wishes may also be fulfilled, during this week. You may maintain harmony in your married life. Moreover, your devotion and love for each other are likely to set a perfect example for others. This week, you may get the desired support and cooperation from your partner. Singles may find their ideal match this week. However, careful consideration will be required before taking matters on a serious note.


This week, planetary transits are likely to support your efforts. There may be an enhancement in your memory and grasping powers, especially during the first half of this week. Those dreaming of higher education may have their dreams come true. Some of you may also get admission to a foreign institute. However, on a separate note, there may be some phases during which you may find yourself deviating from your academic goals. This week also suggests that you should try to concentrate on your studies rather than anything else.


Healthwise, the week is likely to bring mixed results for you. For some of you, being underweight can be bothersome. You may be asked to gain some weight through the workout. This may be a tough task initially; however, you may slowly pick up. You may give more importance to a healthy diet and may not indulge in junk food. If you like to swim, then take it up as a part-time exercise to remain fit and fine. You may witness positive changes in your health with this.


You may face some financial challenges this week. You need to control your expenses if you wish not to face the financial crisis in the coming days. You are advised to avoid huge investments, throughout this week. Laying the foundation of a new business does not seem to be a good idea at this time. You should try to curb the unnecessary expenses in the light of the fact that these could disturb your budgetary position. As the week progresses, you may get rewarding opportunities and may be able to maintain financial stability.


Luck may be in your favor this week. Business development managers are likely to receive some good business proposals. Despite the good occurrences, you should remain careful at every step that you take in life. You will put your heart and mind into your business but may still face delays in getting desired outcomes. So, keep patience and maintain your calm. You may need to enhance your interpersonal skills. You should also keep in mind that your rivals may secretly plan to outshine you. Hence, do not trust anyone blindly. Stay cautious and think twice before making any important decision for your career.

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