Can Divorce Be Undone?

Many people think that once you file for divorce, that is the end of it all – you might have even held the same idea but this piece is going to open your eyes to new possibilities. If you have already finalized your divorce filing and you and your former lover still want to get together, depending on the laws of your country, you might not be able to do much other than remarry. 

But overall, if you are just initializing the divorce process and you change your mind in the middle, the task is a lot easier. In the latter, you can request the withdrawal of your petition then you go ahead to append your signature for the voluntary dismissal. 

Withdrawal of Divorce Petition

In a situation where the lovers see that their affection is greater than any force that wants to separate them, then there is still room for something that can be done before falling off the marital cliff. You can decide to call for a withdrawal of the divorce petition. This is going to stop the entire process before it even starts.

 If you have already submitted your divorce application to the court in your area, all you just have to do is approach the court and request that the court clerk withdraws the petition for you. If the petition has not been filed yet, then you can easily withdraw it. But you should not expect the clerk to just hand the papers over to you without you giving a proper explanation as to why you changed your mind. In some other instances, you may also need to sign one or two other papers before your petition is withdrawn. 

Signing for Voluntary Dismissal

In some other instances, the decision for reconciliation emanates following the commencement of the process. Based on the level of the process, you can file the papers for a voluntary and quick dismissal of the divorce. If you and your partner choose to reconcile, you can place a demand across to the court for a dismissal of the case. But you should know that is not going to come for free because you will be required to make payment for a filing fee. 

As hinted in the sections above, you will most likely need to give a detailed explanation to the court as to why you intend to continue with your marriage. You will also need to fill in some more papers before the petition can be withdrawn so you can mend your marriage. 

Reversal When Settlement is Signed

Some other couples are close to completing their divorce processes or some others have even signed it. In such cases, it will be a lot more difficult to do a reversal of the process. In a situation where the divorce settlement is not filed yet, you can do filing of a motion in which you tell the court to shelve or pause its ruling on the settlement. This is going to put an automatic stop to the entire divorce proceedings. 

There are some other instances in which marriage was done following traditional or religious-based laws, especially in parts of Africa and Asia. In these places where marriages are governed by customary laws, it is a lot easier to undo divorces. All that is usually needed is for the village elders or even the clerics to have a meeting and reunite the feuding lovers. 


Whether a divorce process can be undone will depend on several factors. It will depend on how far you have gone with the entire process itself and the stage you decide to pull out. Another factor will be the laws, rules, and regulations in the area you live in and the kind of marriage contract that you entered to in the first place. 

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