Best Beaches in Sri Lanka to Explore

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Sri Lanka is regaining its spot as a top international destination for beach lovers from different parts of the globe. This island nation offers visitors a spectacular array of landscapes, from the bewildering rainforests to stunning and endless beaches full of snow-white sand – Sri Lanka is truly a paradise on earth. This spellbinding beauty of Sri Lanka is one that the country has been known for thousands of years. 

Today, reaching Sri Lanka is even a lot easier as you can land in the country after taking direct flights from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, or Europe. However, you must plan because Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons depending on the area. You should stay away from the beaches and resorts in the southwest and west from May to September. Regions in the north and east have their monsoons from October till February. Here are the absolute best beaches for you to explore on your Sri Lanka trip:

1. Nilaveli

This beach is vast and will leave you mesmerized with palm trees and countless boats of the fishermen. It is situated in the northeast section of Sri Lanka and if you are coming from Trincomalee, you just drive for 30 minutes before getting to the beach. This is one of the most popular beaches with both visitors and locals. 

2. Kalkudah

This beach stretches for one mile and is the most ideal for wading and swimming. It boasts of gentle surf and there is a reef that offers protection as numerous beaches in the country can come with rough surfs. The water here is quite shallow so you will be able to walk in the ocean for as long as you want. The sand is brilliant white with fine grains and the beach is full of coconut trees. There is also the Calm Resort and Spa full of its Asian-themed spa and comfy rooms. The resort and spa are in Pasikuda directly on the beach. 

3. Arugam Bay

This is one of the most exotic and charming locations in Sri Lanka with its snow-white sand and the deep blue waters which turn green as you approach the shoreline. This beach is so beautiful that it has become a prominent destination for international surfing. It is easy to access and the tourist infrastructure in the place will leave you extremely impressed. 

For those seeking more comfort and luxury, there is the Spice Trail, a nice luxury resort full of individual spaces. Every space has its own portable outdoor garden spot which is ideal for relaxation on the lounge chair. Attractions in the area include old temples and the Kumana National Park which is known for various bird species. 

4. Mirissa

This is the biggest fishing port anywhere on the southern coast and it perches on the southern point of the island. Its charm and nearness to the capital city of Colombo mean that access is amazingly easy. You will get there after driving for just two hours from the airport in the capital city. It is a compact beach town with resplendent beaches backed by a massive grove of palms. 

It has a natural jetty which allows for calm surfing while the waters are crystal clear. The beaches are sparkling white full of soft sand. Mirissa is an excellent location if you are a whale watcher but plan this around February or March. 

5. Unawatuna

This city and its majestic beach are not far from the historic city of Galle, which is also an excellent location for those interested in the most memorable sightseeing tours. As Sri Lanka itself was formerly colonized by the Netherlands and Portugal, you will learn a lot about the history of this magnificent nation. 

The beach itself is just a few kilometers outside Galle and it is truly a paradise on earth. This beach is one of the finest resorts in the country and you can enjoy its private areas full of the most comfortable lounge chairs while you sip some fresh coconut juice. 

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