Beginner’s Guide to Aerobics

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Aerobics is a kind of physical exercise that blends rhythmic aerobic exercise with strength training and stretching routines to improve all elements of fitness

Aerobic exercise demands pushing your large muscle groups like your legs and arms. By raising your heart rates and breathing, you increase oxygen flow to your muscles while also enabling your blood flow to remove lactic acid and carbon dioxide buildup in your muscles. Regular aerobic exercise results are:

  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Recovered lung function.
  • Improved cardiovascular health.
  • A lower resting heart rate.
  • Muscle definition.
  • Weight loss.

While this can be achieved through playing basketball and jogging, when we talk about “aerobics,” we’re talking about a particular kind of exercise that often includes dance-like motions and music to make aerobic exercise fun, keeping you reaching back for more.

Getting Start with Aerobics

  1. Determine what type of aerobics you want. Gym or home? s: boot camp, martial arts, hip hop dance, Latin salsa, or Bollywood?
  2. Set aside ample time to meet exercise suggestions. Regardless of your goals — improving overall health or losing weight — you won’t feel or see any change in your body unless you regularly exercise.
  3. Pre-prepare a workout plan. Strength training, Core Strength, Flexibility, Balance training are some of the prerequisites needed.
  4. Wear clothes that let you sweat and move.
  5. Prepare a clear, large area. You’ll be kicking your legs, swinging your arms, and running around while doing your aerobics. You don’t want to push things over, so pull chairs and tables into a corner, clearing an ample space where you can move freely without having to worry about hurting yourself by running into a table or breaking something.
  6. Make a good workout playlist. Yes, there is a scientifically proven link between a good workout and music.
  7. Do dynamic stretches before exercising. 
  8. Keep a water bottle handy.

There are numerous high-impact aerobic training styles, so you should be able to discover one that meets your liking and fits your body.

Don’t be scared of aerobics. Sure there’s a learning curve, but if you keep coming back, you can savor this calorie-torching workout for years to come. 

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