Avoid using Aluminium Cooking Utensils instead use these alternatives

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Cooking utensils that you use to cook your food has a very big impact on your food that you are cooking, but how? This is what we are going to have a quick view in this very article.

In ayurveda; ‘Maharishi Vagbhatta’ has written in his book ‘Ashtang Hridyam’ around 3500 years ago that aluminium is the most unhealthy metal for cooking and serving food in, he also added that on eating food cooked in aluminium metal causes many severe diseases and long term in taking of food cooked and served in aluminium vessels can even cause death of a person. 

The explanation we have is that since aluminium metal heats very quickly and easily reacts with your acidic vegetables and food; also Food cooked in aluminium vessels or rapped in aluminium foil, can absorb aluminium because aluminium dissolves in food and water during the cooking process. This absorbed aluminium goes into the bloodstream and accumulates in different organs in different people causing a multitude of effects. Some unpleasant effects of eating food cooked in aluminium are hyper-acidity, peptic ulcers, indigestion, flatulence, skin problems like pigmentation, eczema, dandruff and chronic inflammation of the intestine.

Also aluminium is a Thyrotoxic metal i.e. Metals those cause hyper secretion of thyroxin hormone which leads to condition like Thyrotoxicosis and Hyperthyroidism. And is the root main cause of autoimmune diseases like Graves’ disease, many liver disorders and even found some cases of some brain disorders. 

Nowadays in developed countries aluminium cook ware usually has a non stick or Teflon coating on it to prevent the aluminium from dissolving in the food. Most non stick cook ware is made from aluminium or its alloys covered with a Teflon coating to prevent aluminium from dissolving in the food. Over time, this coating gets scratched and the aluminium is able to come into contact with the food and dissolve into your food. If you are using non stick cook ware they should be washed with soft soap and a soft sponge. This is the reason why plastic or wooden spoons are advised to stir food in non-stick utensils. 

Unfortunately aluminium utensils are widely used in India and other developing countries even often in 5 star hotels. But our ancestors never used aluminium vessels because they followed ayurveda, Indians had always used utensils made of Gold, copper, iron and clay depending on what they can afford. But all these 4 are said to be most healthy for kitchen use by maharishi Vagbhatta in his book Ashtang Hridyam. These cook wares and utensils made of aluminium metals were forcely introduced in Indian kitchens by british colonizers under their rule.

Since now we have seen how dangerous aluminium is to be used in our kitchen than let’s just talk about what can be good and healthy alternatives of this aluminium.

1. Clay cook wares

Cook wares made of clay are best for cooking food. Clay heats up slowly and thus helps in keeping moisture and nutrients of the food intact. According to ayurveda food cooked in clay pots or vessels is the healthiest one. But the biggest drawback associated with clay pots is that it takes longer to cook in comparison to other materials and is the reason why modern world choose health over time.

2. Iron and it’s alloys

One of the long-lasting and sturdy metals that can be used for cooking food is iron. Small amounts of iron leach from the cookware when you cook food in a utensil made of iron, however is healthy for us. But if you are battling with an overload of iron in the body, avoid cooking food in such utensils. The modern-day iron utensils come with a safe coating to reduce leaching of iron; such utensils are more durable and easy to care too.

Also stainless steel; one of the alloy of iron is One of the most readily available and best vessels for cooking that you should consider. It also retains approximately 60 to 70 per cent nutrient content of the food. However, refrain from buying the stainless steel utensil that is polished with chromium or nickel as they may cause health threats.

3. Brass

Brass; alloy of copper and zinc is a great material when it comes to cooking food because the food prepared in such utensils retain as much as 90 per cent of its nutritional content. Brass utensils are great for preserving the optimum way to keep most nutrients intact in the food that is being cooked. The only drawback or downside of using such utensils is cleaning them because extra care needs to be put in when you wash such utensils. Also, do not cook food in such utensils if the food is too acidic in nature. But serving food in utensils made of brass or copper is best.

Gold, silver & copper

Gold, silver and copper are the best metal to serve and cook your food. But obviously everyone in this modern world cannot afford gold, silver and copper utensils for in taking food. 

You can also store water overnight in a copper utensil, and drink your first glass from this to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful metal. Science has now proved that copper-rich foods boost collagen. Therefore, this metal offers advantages for the skin too.

According to ayurveda; if you are a kapha type (prone to weight gain, coughs and congestion) then this is best for you.

 Silver is cooling in nature as it is related to the moon, so it’s the best for pitta personalities. And it is scientifically proven that Eating out of real silverware will calm down your temperament and your complexion.

Believe it or not, there was a time in india when people actually cooked in gold vessels and ate in gold plates. “Gold is an aphrodisiac and it improves sperm quality.” It is is beneficial for the overall rejuvenation of the body, and is also known to enhance memory, making it helpful for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

This is the reason why Ayurveda has always focused on food prepration method; that how, when and where food is being cooked and eaten?

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