As Hungary lifts restrictions, couples can wed at last

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Marton Aszalos, a young Hungarian ambulance paramedic, and vet Eniko Tokacs-Mathe had to cancel their wedding twice during the pandemic and are finally getting ready for their big day this summer as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

The couple, who met in 2016 at a clinic where Eniko was working and Marton was then a trainee, say the emotional rollercoaster of the past 18 months has been draining but has made their relationship stronger.

“Because of the pandemic we had to replan our wedding for the third time, both its date and the venue. The pandemic has also had a serious mental and physical affect on my fiance as he is an ambulance officer,” said Eniko, 30.

They held a civil ceremony a month ago and are preparing for a wedding party with over 100 guests in the town of Mako near the Romanian border. Eniko is from Transylvania and many of her relatives will cross to Hungary to attend.

They have been rehearsing their waltz for the wedding night, after a photo shot on a motor boat on the Danube.

“Before I thought my main worries would be whether we manage the lift in the dance, whether my make-up and hair would look good,” Eniko said.

“But now I am just happy and hope that all the guests and relatives can make it in health and we can celebrate together.”

Many couples are relieved now, that with 53% of Hungarians vaccinated, they can now go ahead and get married.

Wedding planner Gabor Herendi usually handles 30-35 weddings a year but in 2020 about 70% were postponed to this year.

After the long wait “energies will be multiplied”, he says.

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