Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 27th June – 3rd July 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may prove to be average for your love life. There are chances of financial gain or you may get a gift from your beloved. If you are single, you may get the proposal to be in a relationship. A married couple may not be able to spend much time together. You may feel that your spouse is not giving proper time to you. However, the help of your spouse may help you to get success in your business and job. Transit of Moon and Venus are predicting that you need to be careful while making decisions related to your love life. Take time to understand your partner. Give some space to your partner so that he/she also feels comfortable sharing his/her emotion with you. If your legal matter or divorce case is going then chances of separation are there.


This week may prove to progressive for students. You may do well in the writing examination this week. If you are a student of research then this week is likely to be successful. Planetary positions are predicting that you may get inclined to learn occult science or may plan to join the meditation classes. Transit of Moon may help you to get success in distance learning courses and also may enhance your skills this week. If your subject is related to writing or journalism then this week is likely to be very beneficial in terms of learning new and creative things. Health needs to be taken care of and try to follow a healthy diet so that your concentration will not get disturbed. Group study and participating in games may prove to be beneficial for you.


Some minor health issues are foreseen this week. Aggression may lead you towards stress and mental agitation that may harm your health. Try not to get into arguments. The health of your spouse may also get affected due to the unfavorable position of planets this week. Avoid eating junk food and spicy food. You should take care of your diet and improve the quality of your diet to maintain good health. There are chances that you may face knee pain this week. You are advised to be regular with exercise and follow a healthy diet.


Financially this week, you may get the chance to earn good gain in your business, but there may be some expenditure. Short trip related to the business may bring success. Some financial loss due to disagreement with siblings is foreseen. There are chances of expenditure on communication devices. Education or courses related expenses may take place this week. You are likely to get a good offer from a foreign place related to your business. You may be able to save a good amount of money with proper planning this week. However, it may not be a very good time for major investments. You are advised to learn a new saving option from your elder, this may give a good return, due to the transit of Jupiter. There are chances of unplanned expenditure on health and religious activities this week.


This week you may learn many new things at your workplace which may help you to do well in your job. There are chances of short-distance traveling this week. Try not to miss the chances to attain the meeting related to your work. You may meet new people at work. Writing mail and messages in the group is going to play an important role in the workplace, hence stay cautious. Confirm the details of the message and mail before sending that further. Aldo, have clear communication at the workplace and in business too. There are high chances of sudden business-trip this week.

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