A Cheat Sheet to Help You Choose the Web Host

We are in a digital age, having a website for your business is more important than ever before. A website serves as a storefront for a business. No matter, if you are hiring professionals to design it or you are just using a CMS. It is going to put first-impression on your visitors.

Building a website with great visuals and functionality is the first part, but getting it live is another story. You need a web hosting service to create your presence on the internet. Web host providers charge a small fee to provide you with a free domain name and some great features.

Major Players

Hosting is basically a service providing infrastructure to publish your website. They all charge a recurring fee that provides, storage, bandwidth, domain name, and other services. All of the hosting companies provide different packages according to the needs of customers. If you have a small business or just starting up then you can choose a cheap plan. But which plan actually perfect for you requires research.

The main factor to consider while choosing a hosting service provider is your needs. You can explain your needs and ask them to give you a quote. While famous providers have different plans with different features. The cost and features provided change over time. So, it is always better to do your research before making any decision.

Things To Know About Choosing a Web Host

For a business to be successful, it is imperative to choose the best web host. There are various factors to consider such as cost, uptime guaranty, customer support, etc. There are four categories of a server provided by hosting providers:


For a small business with a minimum amount of traffic, a shared hosting plan is enough. Furthermore, a shared server is less expensive and a good choice for startups and small businesses.


When only one website is hosted on a single server, it is called dedicated. The power of the whole computer will be concentrated on a single website. A dedicated hosting plan is expensive, but you can easily afford it if you are a large business.

Cloud (VPS Hosting)

Cloud hosting is just like a shared server that can host multiple websites. VPS is a cloud-based hosting that offers great features like redundancy, flexibility, and scalability. It is a great choice for businesses that require computational power.


A WordPress hosting or you can say manager WordPress server is available in the above-mentioned configuration. The only main difference is that it is specifically designed to host a WordPress website. It comes with features that can help boost the performance of your CMS. This type of hosting is mostly used by content creators, journalists, and bloggers.

Which type or configuration is for you depends on your requirement. You should do a thorough assessment of your needs to decide which one should you choose. You should also need to make sure that the hosting provider has some room for improvements. So, if you need more resources, you can easily upgrade to a better plan.

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