5 Quick Tips to Choose the Best DUI Defense Lawyers

DUI - Lawyer

There is no doubt about a DUI arrest being a scary experience for every teen. However, hiring the right and efficient lawyer such as Scottsdale DUI lawyer can help your case big time and get you away with it. Since lawyers have dealt with hundreds of such cases, they know how to pave their way through a case. 

1. Make a list of Potential Candidates:

Do some research and go through some websites to hunt for a DUI attorney. Make a list of 5 to 8 professional DUI attorneys and read the reviews of their previous clients; this will help you make an informed decision based on accurate information. An attorney you hired before can also help you find your DUI lawyer. After your initial list is complete, look through their websites to get more information about their previously handled cases. Contact information is also usually provided on the website, call them and book a consultation. 

2. Experience:

Find a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of this field. Make sure the lawyer has experience in dealing with these kinds of cases. Experience will mean that they will be better informed about the tactics involved in this field. You can also hire criminal defense attorneys, but it can be to your advantage to hire someone who only focuses on DUI cases. A specialized lawyer from firms like Wichita Criminal Defense Attorneys will always be a better option to choose.

3. Accreditations:

The professionalism of any attorney is demonstrated by the accreditations. Be mindful that only a licensed attorney can represent you in court, so make sure your lawyer is licensed. Check his ethical records. Your lawyer should also have a good reputation in the State bar. Check out his social profile as well. It can provide you with reviews and work history. Don’t hire a disbarred attorney because he will not be allowed to represent you in court. 

4. In-Person Meeting with Your Attorney:

The Attorney who is going to represent you must be easy to talk to. The first rule while consulting an attorney is complete honesty regarding your case details. Anything you keep from him may harm your case later. The attorney must be presented with information including any official documents presented in the police station. 

5. Consider the Attorney’s Fee:

Top DUI attorneys can charge more because of their experience, reputation, and ability but an average non-injury, non-property damage DUI is between $5,000 and $12,000. It is fair to determine fees in advance. You should consult with several attorneys so that you can compare their charges. If your Attorney is offering you a package, it will make his fee a lot more manageable. 

We have discussed some factors that should be considered while hiring a professional DUI lawyer. To make an informed decision, it should be made sure that you do some research yourself to find a competent DUI attorney. It’s a serious case because it is going to impact your life in so many ways in years to come. The attorney that is skilled and experienced is the one you should be hiring. 

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