5 Easy At Home Physical Therapy Exercises You Can Try

It is hard to arrange to meet with a physical therapist frequently. As you get older or experience more physical chronic pain, it may be time to try some at home physical therapy exercises as well. 

Consult with your physical therapist to decide on a plan of action, but there are some easy at home exercises you can try. 

So, without further ado, here are five at home physical therapy exercises you can try (after consulting with your medical professionals!). 

1. Kicking in Three Directions

This one is fun to do, in addition to being one of the great at home exercises you can do to assist in your physical therapy journey. 

To do this, you can balance a hand on a chair in front of you. 

First, bring your leg up straight in front of you, then slowly lower it back. Next, do the same thing but to your side. After that, repeat the same but to the back of you. 

Your knee should not be locked when you do this. If this is too easy for you, you can try removing your hands from their surface support, so that you are doing it on balance alone. 

2. Do the Pidgeon Stretch

This one is always good for stretching out your hip. 

To do this, you need to be on the floor. Curl one leg under you while the other one stretches out behind you. 

For this exercise, you can keep a straight back or curl over to the floor. You can consider in-home physical therapy too. 

3. Stretch Your Calf with the Wall

Calf wall stretches are the way to go if you often feel pain or cramps in your calves. 

For this kind of physical therapy exercise, you just need a wall to get you started. Keep your arms straight but unlocked, hands splayed on the wall. Then, you can move one foot back, but make sure your heel stays on the ground. 

Push forward, bending your arms, toward the wall to help stretch your calf out. Hold it for anywhere from 10-30 seconds before moving to the other leg. 

4. Crush That Towel for Wrist Strength-Building

If you are someone who has arthritis or other chronic pain in your wrists, this physical therapy exercise is for you. 

First, grab a towel. Then, rest your arm on the counter facing up toward the ceiling. 

After that, squeeze the towel for a few seconds before releasing the tension. Repeat this a few more times before switching to the other arm. 

5. Physical Therapy for Shoulders: A Barrel Hug

One great physical therapy for shoulders you can try as one of your at home physical therapy exercises is a barrel hug. 

To achieve this, sit with a straight spine, then bring your arms up to your shoulders’ height. Imagine hugging a barrel and bring your arms around in front of you. 

Move from your waist, rotating from side to side to get this stretch.

At Home Physical Therapy Exercises to Try

Try one or all of these five at home physical therapy exercises to see results. Remember to consult with your physical therapist to confirm the best exercises for you, though. 

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