Window Stickers Serve as a Good Marketing Strategy That is Often Overlooked

Windows remain a commonplace feature in most businesses. Individuals wish to benefit from natural light, and windows allow them to do so easily. However, they also offer a way to advertise the business or generate additional interest in its offerings. In fact, the right window graphics serve as an artistic and innovative way to advertise the business wares, deliver a message, or present the right image to newcomers. What are some benefits associated with window stickers?

Brand Awareness

Businesses often use advertising to drive sales. However, the time may come when the business uses advertising simply to increase brand awareness, and window decals, such as those offered by Chicago Window Sticker, serve as a great way to achieve this goal. Most people associate a brand with the company name, yet it is much more than this. The brand encompasses everything from the name to what the company offers. A person hears a slogan or sees a logo and identifies the brand, and the core values of the company serve as part of the brand.

When a consumer thinks of a product or service, they often bring a brand to mind. Companies find window decals help consumers associate their offerings with their brand. As a result, the consumer turns to them first rather than a competitor. They remember seeing the window decal and bring that business to mind. This works best when people see the same decal every day. It cements the business in their mind, so they turn their first when in need of a product or service offered by the company.

This method works for more than businesses. A non-profit organization benefits from using this technique, as do religious organizations. People find they raise awareness with the help of the window decals and ensure people know they exist. Window graphics go a long way in achieving this goal.

Promote Products and Services

Businesses frequently turn to window stickers to promote a sale or a new product. They know that the decals draw a viewer’s eye and encourage them to come inside and learn more. Companies have been using sales and special promotions to generate interest and make this a part of their overall marketing strategy. These promotions attract new business while encouraging previous customers to return. Furthermore, research shows a person tends to spend more when they visit a business during a sale. However, the consumer must know about the sale to benefit from the savings.

In the past, business owners would often turn to television and print media to advertise sales. When the internet took off, they turned their efforts to digital marketing. However, no company can ignore advertising in the business. This ensures those who happen to be walking or driving by know that they can save money by stopping in. To achieve this goal, use bright colors to draw a viewer’s eye and bold text to ensure the message is received. Many businesses use red to advertise a sale, as they know this color attracts attention. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however, so feel free to use other colors.


What many business owners fail to realize when determining whether to invest in window stickers is the privacy these items offer. Office workers don’t want people seeing them at work, and frosted window graphics or crystal films ensure those passing by cannot see them. The graphics allow light to pass through while preventing outsiders from seeing in the building. Perforated films serve as another great choice.

Customers may also want privacy when in a business. For example, people at a gym might not want others to see them working out, or a person in a spa might not want others to see them receiving a massage. Window decals ensure their privacy remains protected when they engage in these activities. Another option involves investing in opaque window graphics. With this option, the view from both sides of the window is blocked.


When a person cannot see inside a business, this may spark their curiosity. They want to learn more about what is hidden behind the windows and may step inside to see what they are missing. Eye-catching window graphics become of great help in this situation. They know they can learn more without making a commitment.

If using window stickers for this purpose, leave the viewer wanting to know more. Don’t give away too much information on the stickers. Use appealing graphics while keeping text to a minimum. Provide a call-to-action that encourages them to step inside and get more information.

Visual Appeal

Nobody wants to visit a business that looks dirty and unkempt. Business windows that double as works of art appeal to men and women and encourage them to step inside. Even those who do not come inside notice the business and may share it with family and friends.

People look for these visually appealing graphics on businesses where aesthetics serve an important role in the services offered. For example, a beauty salon benefits greatly from visually appealing window stickers, and the same holds for interior decorating firms. Imagine two beauty salons, one with a plain sign and one with a photo of a beautiful model with hair that you love. Which salon will you choose? The overwhelming majority will select the second option. A company can share its sustainability efforts with the help of a window sticker, as the graphics draw more attention than simple text. The viewer immediately learns more about the company’s values. This may encourage them to spend money in this business rather than with a competitor who doesn’t put forth the same effort to protect the planet.

Employees experience less stress when they are exposed to art in the workplace. For this reason, business owners need to consider purchasing double-sided windows stickers. This allows employees to enjoy them as much as people on the street do. If you have no window graphics in your business, consider investing in some today. Companies that do so receive the aforementioned benefits along with many others. These graphics provide an excellent return on investment at very little cost to the business, so every company should consider purchasing them today.

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