Why working on customer satisfaction is important?

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Delivering a good product is your obligation; this is what you are selling; the least your customer expects is that your product or service is of good quality.

However, this is no longer enough; we live in the era of customer experience, and, therefore, we must work to impact our customers and maintain their satisfaction. You can analyze customer experience by using First Call Resolution (FCR) software.

A good experience with your product or service has the power to turn a customer into a promoter of your brand.

Strategies on how to maintain customer satisfaction

Now that you understand why working on customer satisfaction is essential let’s go to the 5 strategies to keep your customers happy.

•            Uncomplicated processes

Your customer’s experience should be as fluid as possible, so the first step is to simplify your company’s processes.

Nobody likes things that are too bureaucratic or too complicated to understand.

Isn’t it time to stop and analyze your company’s processes?

Which steps are complicated and which are really necessary? Difficulties in understanding the characteristics of your products or services are one of the factors for your customers’ dissatisfaction.

Therefore, it is important to redesign your processes and align with a positive experience.

•            Focus on the problems of your persona

When a customer buys a product or service, he doesn’t really want the product, but the benefit that that product will provide.

Like this?

For example, when you buy a book, you are not interested in the object itself but in the power of transformation or entertainment that that book can bring about.

So, the same happens with your company’s customers; they are interested in the transformation that your product or service will make in their lives.

•            Decision-making based on data

Combining experience with data analysis is the best way to optimize strategies and focus on the constant improvement of the product/service and the satisfaction of your customers.

And the first step in doing this is to define which KPIs will be worked on by your team.

KPIs are key performance indicators; these are the indicators that will direct your company to achieve defined goals.

In addition to defining the ideal KPIs, you should also use technology to your advantage. There are hundreds of tools to help you and discover the behavior of your customers.

Remember that the appropriate experience must be used in all points of contact, examples of tools and their uses:

Google Analytics

Google’s data analysis tool is a rich source of information. It is possible, through Google Analytics, to identify the characteristics of the users of your site, how old these people are, whether they access via desktop or mobile, for example.

It is also possible to check the rejection rate of its contents, the flow of behavior of its users, and the general characteristics of the target audience.

•            Be open to negative feedbacks

Receiving positive feedback and praise for our product or service is very rewarding. However, the negative feedback will be the main points to be improved in your business.

It is estimated that there are 10 who do not complain and simply stop using that brand for every unsatisfied customer who complains.

So, this shows us that the dissatisfaction of 100 customers may be representing a thousand people.

In this way, knowing how to listen and receive criticism is essential, but it is not to listen, absorb and forget what the client said.

You must strategize from these feedbacks to deliver the improvements.

Realize that there is no perfect product, just as all customers can’t be promoters of your brand, so the processes for improving and adapting the customer to your product or service are endless.

Yes, as long as there is a product and a customer, there will be points to improve, EVER!

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