Where does modern science fail?

side view of woman in spacesuit sitting near a control panel
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

When we were in our primary schools, some of us fell in love with science, while some started hating it. This is apparently common, and hate is continued even when you get the chance to select your subjects for higher studies. 

Some of the science lovers from that proportion will be scientists/researchers, who will shape the scientific world. But all that we were taught was science, we were taught to be practical and do scientific experiments and research part of life, but we were never taught about the limits. What limits am I talking here about? Let’s explore this in this article.

Have you ever thought about the root cause of all the natural disasters different parts of the world face every year? We call them natural, but actually, these are our own human-made disasters.

Modern science and scientists don’t accept the existence of Ishwar (or any energy that is maintaining the stability of this universe); for modern science, this whole universe is just like a machine that is just governed by some scientific laws. In not accepting the existence of Ishwar (or any supreme energy), the science and technology we are building today is against Ishwar, i.e., against Nature or disrespecting Nature. Let me give you few small examples from history to make it clearer.

Earlier, we Indians use Lime or China (calcium oxide, CaO) for building our homes. In 1824 when Joseph Aspdin, a British bricklayer and builder, made Cement, we were under British rule. So, they forcefully made us use Cement and banned the use of lime for building, which has caused hazardous effects on Nature. To understand those effects, we need to understand the process of how raw material for it is taken out from the earth and how Cement is prepared in industries?

Cement is manufactured by heating a precise mixture of finely ground limestone, clay, and sand. This fine particle raw material is obtained by going deep down in earth then in a rotating kiln, this is heated to temperatures reaching 1450ºC. This results in the production of cement clinker, an intermediate product in the manufacture of Cement. The cement clinker emerges from the kiln, is cooled, and then finely ground to produce the powder we know as Cement.

In this process, we use a high temperature of around 1450ºC, also dig deep into the earth, which causes loss of biodiversity and loss of soil quality present in that area, which is obviously not good for our planet. In contrast, the process of making Lime/China is very Nature friendly. But today, we choose Cement over Lime/China because it is modern technology.

There is another similar example; in the late 15th century when the Portuguese visit India they made Indians grow tobacco. As the Portuguese were heavy tobacco smokers, tobacco was introduced in India for the first time. And curing tobacco leaves requires large amounts of fuelwood, which is not needed for other commercial crops. When the demand for fuel is met with wood, this provokes deforestation, and when it is met with straw and crop residues, it stimulates the loss of soil organic matter and causes long-term soil degradation. Also, we get evil in our society in the form of tobacco leaves, which is one major cause of cancer.

There are many such examples where modern technologies cause harm to our Nature, our surroundings. Talking of present times, the Coronavirus is the best example of how destructive science can be?  

So, what should be done to minimize this destruction? We cannot just stop building new technologies and stop our scientific researches going on. 

We need to introduce a change in our science teachings, make sure we not only just teach science to our younger generation but also teach them to respect Nature and accept there is supreme energy that governs this universe, and science is just a medium to understand this universe, science is not supreme. So our future science build by our younger generation do not make something that is against our Nature, against the universe. Any scientific study or any new technology of yours should not harm our planet. Also, accept and respect our traditional technologies that are Nature friendly and a perfect example of Sustainable development.

This is the very need of the hour; Sir Albert Einstein said, “Mankind invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap” today, a big portion of science and scientific researchers are indulged in weapon construction (it may be atomic, Biological weapon, etc). These Natural calamities or different biological pandemic we face are alarms for the human race by the Nature that this is where we should stop now and try to find alternatives of our technologies which are Nature friendly and respect Nature. We cannot just destruct our own planet and then move on to another planet for colonization (mars or maybe any other planet).

This tiny Blue sphere is the home of every being living here, and we need to protect it.

The goal of Science and scientific studies should be to understand this universe fundamentally and make use of the world around us, not to overuse it.  

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