What’s Your Leadership Profile?

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Being a leader is a challenging job. Everyone seems to have an objection or opinion, whatever course of action or decision you take. In many ways, it is easy to stand on the sidelines and pass judgment. Being the person who goes from the sidelines to the field of play, where reality strikes, is quite different.

Every leader has their own leadership profile or style, in my experience, so let’s look at the diverse types so that you can see what fits best for you.

Down To Earth and Approachable

If you are the kind of leader who is down-to-earth and approachable, the chances are you can easily get along with just about anyone around you. This kind of leader does not see themselves as better because they have accomplished a certain status or level. They are also likely to be the kind of person who cares a lot about the success of others.

Hard-Hitting and Uncompromising

The leader who is hard-hitting and uncompromising is the kind of leader who is more than willing to say it as they see it. They will be ready to make the firm calls even when they know that it is likely to make them hugely unpopular. They may well deliver great results short term but delivering sustained success over the long term might be a more significant challenge.

Effective Influencer

The leader who is an effective influencer is often remarkably good at building alliances and finding ways to work around problems. They can get others on board.

Successful, Nice, And Political

The leader who falls into this category has a blend of being highly supportive and at the same time not being scared to stand up for what they think is correct. They are also willing to admit the consequences of their actions.

Relationship Architect

Many leaders will talk about the value of relationships, and the natural relationship builders will not just see it as part of the job but core to attaining success in their role.


They say that commitment and enthusiasm are contagious. In my own experience, I know that those who were enthusiastic or glass-half-full people were always somebody I wanted to support 100% to deliver. Nothing was ever too much trouble when working for this kind of leader.

The Reality: The chances are you are perhaps a blend of all of the above and likely to bias one area more than others. So what leadership profile best fits you and can help you accomplish more success?

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