What to wear to an art gallery opening?


Are we sure we have the right dress code for the different occasions and invitations we receive? Let’s think of a birthday party, or a romantic dinner, or even an art exhibition. 

All very different circumstances that call into question a dress code, also known as a specific style of clothing, that makes us feel perfectly at ease. 

But there are very particular situations that could perhaps undermine our certainties in terms of style, such as a vernissage.

Let’s start from the beginning. Vernissage means the inauguration of an art exhibition. So an event that usually takes place in the late afternoon or evening, in an art gallery or in very special and scenic exhibition spaces, with a cocktail or buffet to accompany the artistic and cultural component. 

In general, a vernissage, depending on the type of art exhibition, can also be attended by guests of honor, perhaps well-known names in the arts or entertainment fields, and it is therefore important to be well dressed and make a good impression.

For example, if you received an invitation for a vernissage at Eden fine art gallery, how should you dress? First of all, it would be advisable to inform yourself well on the type of exhibition that will be inaugurated, on the type of art, modern, abstract, minimalist, if it is just an exhibition of works or if there will also be a performance to accompany the situation. 

Then, the context – in this case extremely contemporary and of great effect – must be evaluated and then decided on the style of one’s clothing.

In the event that the vernissage takes place in the evening or in any case in the late afternoon, it is better to wear dark colors with jewels to embellish the style. 

Unless you specifically know what kind of event it is, it is best to stay perfectly balanced between formal wear and a less plastered one. 

Green light therefore to dark dresses, perhaps up to the knee, with some bijoux to revive everything. Of course, if a tuxedo is required, a long dress will have to be worn.

If you know in advance that there will be a cocktail, you can go for a less formal style. The dress will go perfectly, the shoulders can remain uncovered. 

Or a trouser suit, very fashionable this year, perhaps in velvet, will also be fine. You can then play with accessories, on the other hand it is still a vernissage! 

The important thing is not to overdo it, so as not to risk stealing the show from the real works of art, in their place we would only end up attracting the curious glances of the other guests and it is a risk that it is better not to take.


Is this an invitation-only event? It is usually reserved for friends, professionals and clients, in order to present the artists who exhibit their works.

Then, a sheath dress or a skirt with an original cut or cigarette pants and a fabulous sequined jacket or with precious embroidery. A sculptural ring or necklace and you are perfect and glamorous.

High heels, do not worry, during an inauguration you will not move much, you will not run any risk. Platform shoes, comfortable to move and that will give you a few more centimeters or the classic décolleté.

On these occasions I don’t like the tourist uniform: no trekking sandals ideal for practicing outdoor activities or walking on the trails, no combat backpacks, no fluorescent baseball caps.

If, on the other hand, comfort comes first for you, then break my rule!

Casual chic

The choice of look changes if the opening of the exhibition is in honor of local emerging artists. The guests will be different – eclectic people – in any case it doesn’t have to be a sporty look, or, with the excuse of simplicity, banal. Not at all.

Jeans with a decorated T-shirt, an asymmetrical top or a shirt with particular decorations, in precious fabric, a dress with fringes or a pleated skirt.

The bags in both situations must be small and flat, the clutches are perfect, because in crowded environments and in confined spaces, they allow you to move easily.

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