What to Expect in a Master Health Checkup?

Most people are living a busy lifestyle at present. In such times, it is pretty easy to ignore our health conditions. However, putting a high risk on every individual as health complications may be accumulating while we are busy to match our schedule. 

In such cases, it is essential to have a master health checkup done within a fixed period. For such a checkup, almost all of the basic tests are conducted on a clinical level as this allows getting an overview regarding the health status of an individual. 

It usually starts with different physical examinations and later switches to laboratory investigations. By doing so, any complications with the body’s functioning can be detected at an early stage.

Things to Expect in a Master Health Check-Up

Usually, a patient will be associated with a healthcare partner. They will assist the patient with the preparations that are needed during the pre-test period. This is done so that the tests can produce the best results of the body’s health status. While doing so, very early symptoms and signs of diseases can be caught, which can lead to better treatment.

Given below are few things that one can expect during their master health checkup

General Tests For Health Checkup

This procedure includes a series of the most basic tests that cover the check of the functioning of the entire human body. This way, it becomes easier for the doctor to get a clear idea of the patient’s health status. These include questioning as well. It can be further divided into as follows-

  • History – If the patient had taken similar tests in the past, the records would be present, and the medical history can help the doctor very much. Usually, the tests carried out in this phase are blood, cholesterol, and pap tests. The medical history of the patient’s family may also be seen.
  • Way of Life – A patient’s lifestyle is essential to a doctor, directly influencing the health conditions. As a result, some questions may be related to the work pressure, the number of physical exertions, mental state, and living conditions.
  • Usual Functions of the Body – Regular bodily functions, such as sleeping schedule, eating and habits, and bowel movement status, can be asked.

Advanced Tests For Health Checkup

Once these interrogations are over, based on the results, patients may be recommended to get further tests done. Such tests include a combination of ultrasounds, x-rays, urine, and blood tests. Usually, the tests are as follows-

  • Physical Exam – This includes measurements of height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, etc.
  • Blood Tests – Blood testing is done to detect infections, anemia, diabetes, or other diseases. For diabetes, blood sugar tests are performed. This way, early signs of diabetes can be seen. If present, the patient needs to make significant changes in his or her lifestyle to avoid health complications shortly.
  • Organ Function Tests – Here, usually, the functions tests of the kidney and liver are performed. These include ECG and X-rays. This way, cardiac complications and lung or kidney infections can be detected early, and early treatment can be started.
  • Urine Tests This is done to get an idea regarding the body’s metabolism, immunity, and renal health.

Final Words

Any adult above the age of 25 should go for a master health checkup at least twice a year. However, staying healthy is a necessity that no one should avoid. Hence, it is highly recommended to go for such checkups to lead a healthy and long life without complications.

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