What to Do in New York City in June

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There is no doubt that New York City is one of the most amazing places to visit in June and if this is your plan, then this piece is for you. June is like the finest to visit the Big Apple and enjoy its expansive parks and broad streets to the fullest. June is a month of the sun and the warmth seems to rejuvenate not only the New Yorkers but also tourists and visitors alike. This piece discusses things that you can do in New York in June. 

Weather Forecast in June

Whatever you plan to do in June, you need to consider the weather. June is the first month in which you will be able to walk around freely without worrying about having a cold. This is because it is also the time to commence the festivals of summer. The warmth is perceptible but it not unbearable like in July or August. 

Cultural Events You Can Enjoy in June in New York

Bryant Park Summer Film Festival

This is a festival that promises you a lot of movies for free on a massive screen placed at Bryant Park. Viewers can congregate every Monday from June to August. You can troop into the park with your friends packing your blankets and refreshments before grabbing your seats. The event will commence by 5 pm while the movies will be shown starting from 8 pm. The shows can be canceled if the weather is not favorable. 

Shakespeare in the Park

This is an event that has been in place for over five decades and it also comes with free shows for all attendees. It is a massive event that draws well over 100,000 people every summer. The venue is the Delacorte Theater perched in Central Park. 

Viewers enjoy unlimited fun and entertainment from various artists, and you will be amazed by the participation of people from various parts of the globe. The event heavily celebrates William Shakespeare and other literary masterpieces too. One of the best things about this event is that it is free for everyone. The tickets come at no cost and you can get them online or at the booths in the venue. 

Museum Mile Festival

This is an annual celebration, and it is usually done in the first week of June on Fifth Avenue. You will enjoy the best of artistic and lyrical entertainment suited for children and adults. There is also free entrance for nine museums with activities like outstanding music shows, paintings, and fashion shows that are greatly loved by children. This festival occurs in the space between the 82nd and the 104th Streets on Fifth Avenue. 

Washington Square Music Festival

This is especially for those who love music, and it occurs every Tuesday in June alongside free concerts. All kinds of music are on offer and these include salsa, fado, jazz, and classic music. 

Parades in June in New York City

  • Mermaid Parade: The Mermaid Parade is organized towards the end of June, but the exact dates can change so you need to pay attention to the organizers. This is an extremely popular parade in which ladies dress up like mermaids. The parade itself is done on Coney Island and its first edition was held in 1983. The event is a celebration of salt, sand, and the sea, particularly towards the beginning of the summer season. You will see the participants wearing mermaid attires made by hand. The parade itself is followed by the Mermaid Parade Ball, an event that welcomes all members of various families – kids and adults are all welcome. 
  • New York City Gay Pride: This is one of the most outstanding events in the United States of America and it lasts throughout the whole month. The main celebrations start on the 17th of June and continue until the 27th of June. This is one of the most memorable events in the state.

Eating and Drinking in New York in June 

The International Food Festival happening on 9th Avenue remains one of the most popular attractions in New York since it was started in 1973. Those who love various specialties of dishes will find this event to be very comprehensive. 

Sports Events in June in New York

Lovers of sports looking for what to do in New York can attend the following: 

  • Baseball games (there are several Major League Baseball events)
  • Soccer games

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