What Happened in Europe’s Top Leagues in the 20/21 Season?

And so, another season of entertaining football has come to an end. A bit too soon as usual, for all the football fanatics around the world and all the gamblers who get their thrills playing at sites like kasyna online on match days. For the die-hards of both groups, luckily the rearranged Euro 2020 tournament is just around the corner to keep the entertainment going long into the summer.

While football is a globally supported sport, it’s no surprise that the European leagues come out on top with the fans. Aside from supporting their local team, most fans are drawn to picking one of the so-called big clubs as their second favourite team, or in some cases, even their first! Mesmerising styles of play and fantastic players weaving their magic only make this decision easier for some. So, how did this season pan out for all the European giants?

A Familiar Story

Sometimes, even these top leagues can throw up a surprise or two. Usually, though, the winner comes from a small selection of teams vying to get to be the best in the country. In England and Germany, while Man City and Bayern Munich respectively originally struggled at the start of the season, the final table tells no lies as it shows both put together a fine string to results to leave their challengers trailing by over 10 points in both cases.

Bayern Munich is showing their strength as they have won the Bundesliga now for the last nine years in a row and not many would bet against them making it ten next season. While Man City don’t always have it their way, they have now won the Premier League five times in the last ten years mixing it up with the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Leicester and their cross-city rivals, Man Utd.

New Names on Trophies

The biggest upset causing waves around European football was the crowning of Inter Milan as champions of the Italian Serie A. While pushing Juventus close last year, many doubted their actual credentials to go one step further. Juventus had been champions for the previous nine years and with one of the best players of all time in their ranks, Ronaldo, many assumed it would be a formality. But Juventus have struggled, coming 4th in the table, their worst league placing in years and only sealing qualification for the Champions League on the final day of the season.

In Spain, while suffering a bad patch of form recently, Atletico Madrid managed to hang on and stay above their rivals Real Madrid at the summit of the table. Winning their first title since 2014, they managed to break the stranglehold that Barcelona and Real Madrid appeared to have consolidated in Spain. Meanwhile, France saw underdogs Lille lift their first title in 10 years, surprising regular winners Paris St Germain. Both races went to the final day and it was good to see both clubs holding their nerves after a long season. Good challenges make the leagues more interesting and also shows the other clubs that winning the league is not an impossible dream.

The Super League

It would be hard not to mention this considering the uproar and anger from the fans when this proposal was touted. Again, the so-called big clubs started flexing their power and wanted to form a competition that would be in direct conflict with the UEFA Champions League. They felt they were not receiving enough money for participating in UEFA’s competition. They also believed that the quality of some of the teams involved had led to fans losing interest and becoming bored with the format.

However, the clubs themselves were surprised by the backlash from pretty much every direction when these plans were unveiled. From politicians and fans to the common man in the street, everyone was appalled by this idea. Protests and meetings were held and it did not take long for clubs to begin abandoning the idea, although it hasn’t completely disappeared yet, merely for the moment. The setup of traditional leagues and football structure should not be messed with.

Changing of the Guard?

My friends, we have been privileged to witness in recent years to watch two of football’s greatest talents ever. As mentioned above, Ronaldo of Juventus has seen fierce rivalry with Lionel Messi of Barcelona over both personal awards and team trophies. While their levels of skill and determination don’t seem to have dropped off, it’s clear for all to see that their days at the top are coming to an end. Surrounded by poor teammates, even their sublime efforts can’t paper over the cracks like previous years anymore.

For the next generation of superstars to do battle, look no further than Kylian Mbappe of PSG and Erling Braut Haaland of Borussia Dortmund. With Mbappe just older at 22 to Haaland being 20, the feeling is this could be another long-standing rivalry that will captivate the fans. Numerous clubs are circling to try and sign either player as this would be a massive statement of intent. Fans of football are very curious to see where these players move on next.


As always the football season seems to have pleased most, except the losers! However, people can’t argue with the entertainment on a show for a solid nine months. It was missed terribly by fans when seasons were postponed or even cancelled last year due to the spread of Coronavirus throughout Europe. The attendance of fans at matches was and is still being affected, most notably in England, home of the so-called best league in the world. This has led to some freak results at the home grounds of stronger teams without their fervent supporters in place.

Same as ever, next season is already eagerly anticipated. The news will revolve around Euro 2020 first before transfers both in and out will begin to dominate the headlines. Some clubs may even need a new manager, depending on how the club has done this season. The excitement of all these rumours and speculation fill the void before the return of league action takes place. Enjoy the ride!

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