What Are Latex Mattresses And Why Should You Buy Them

Latex mattresses offer heightened durability and extended comfort that is making them very popular in the industry. Natural latex is an eco-friendly material that helps improve sleep health. If you are in the market to buy a mattress then a latex mattress is a good option. Let us know more about its benefits in detail. 

About Latex Mattresses

A latex mattress is made with 2 to 4 layers of latex foam. 

This mattress comes in different kinds of latex foam such as blended, natural, and synthetic.

Synthetic latex mattresses are made using styrene-butadiene rubber. This type of rubber is used to manufacture synthetic turfs, conveyor belts, and tires. They are safe, more affordable but less durable than natural latex mattresses

Blended latex mattresses have fewer toxic chemicals in them. As the name suggests, these beds have 70% synthetic latex and 30% natural latex. Due to more natural latex, they are longer lasting than synthetic latex mattresses but less than natural latex ones.

Mattresses made from natural latex are considered to be the top-rated mattress for for upper body paid that offers a premium-level sleep experience. They offer extended support, enhanced durability and eco-friendliness that results in better sleep compared to their counterparts. 

Advantages of Using a Natural Latex Mattress

Here are a few benefits of using a natural latex mattress.  

Helps In Pain Relief

  • Latex foam offers gentle padding, light contouring, and buoyant support that make it useful for people who experience joint and back pain. 
  • It gently supports bulky parts of the body such as the shoulders, and hips. 
  • The natural elasticity of latex supports lighter areas back and neck and maintains the right spinal alignment. 


  • They are devoid of any harsh chemicals
  • They are biodegradable which ensures that they would not stay in a landfill for several years.
  • To procure natural latex from rubber trees, doesn’t require cutting or damaging the trees

Mold Resistant

The material is naturally resistant to fungi and molds.

latex foam doesn’t attract any type of mites, dust, and other types of allergens

However, users need to take the best care of its hygiene to avoid any development of mold, dust mites, mildew, and microorganisms such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria in it. It is beneficial to use a mattress cover to ensure adequate protection and cleanliness. This helps the mattress to stay new, low maintenance, and visually attractive for several years.

It has zero static electricity and is hypoallergenic

Offers enhanced breathability to sleepers

Requires Low Maintenance

As this material is naturally resistant to dust, mold, fungi, mites, and other allergens, it requires less cleaning and low maintenance. 

As they are prone to less wear and tear, latex foam mattresses can easily last for over fifteen years. 

Orthopaedic Use

Latex mattresses offer a medium-firm feel and have a highly responsive nature. 

Latex foam mattresses offer adequate pressure to comfort and support weak body areas that make them useful for people who suffer from orthopaedic issues. 

Latex foam offers gentle support to weak body parts and is excellent to uphold vulnerable parts. 

Incredible Visual appeal: 

  • Another great advantage of natural latex mattresses is that they are visually appealing. 
  • Latex foam mattresses are pleasant and aesthetic to touch and last long. 
  • Along with its standard white colour, this mattress is ideal for use in luxury setups. 

Motion Isolation benefits

Natural latex material offers a superior level of motion isolation that is comparatively low in other types of mattresses. 

Latex foam positively indirectly impacts your health. It assists in the regulation of blood circulation and reduces the possibilities of high blood pressure, sleep disorders, sleep apnea, insomnia, and other related issues. It helps maintain the right balance of support and comfort. This property helps a user sleep comfortably, and feels pampered too. 

Enhanced Breathability

  • Natural latex foam offers improved breathability due to its open-cell structure that allows a continuous flow of air in the body. 
  • The foam of the bed is made with pinholes and no additives that offer better breathability. 
  • For a cool sleep experience, wool or cotton-based breathable cover is a good option to consider.


Buying a Latex foam mattress is a one-time price investment but the everyday benefits it offers to outweigh its price. With this mattress you can rest assured of a healthy, superior-quality, and regular sleep. Their long-lasting nature makes them cost-effective than other mattresses in the longer run. You could also read similar articles at newsweek.com

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