Virgo Weekly Horoscope 2nd May – 8th May 2021


Love and Relationships

You may experience a lack of intimacy in your relationship; or may have little time to enjoy with your partner in the beginning. However, as the week moves forward, it may bring a revived air of energy and enthusiasm. Utilise this time to restore joy in your relationship. You may have the support of current planetary influences and so you may enjoy some thrilling moments in your love life during the last phase of the week. The planetary positions seem favourable to run your daily activities smoothly in your relationship as the week approaches its end.


This week may give you mixed results due to planetary impacts. It may have its pros and cons, that you may need to go through. You are likely to get the advantages of your efforts, and your dedication would be seen. The speed of advancement is likely to start gaining momentum during the last phase of this week. You may get results after some delays or hurdles, but at the end you would be grateful to your stars and feel content by the weekend. So keep up high spirits and your optimism may fetch you great results in the end.


Your complete health condition would be satisfactory this week. There are chances of changes in health, perhaps due to little stress and emotional disturbance in the middle of the week. There is a probability of some digestion related issues. Hence, it is advisable to take proper food when you are feeling gloomy or unwell. The last phase of the week may help you manage your health in an improved way. You may be unlikely to feel exhausted easily even though the day is long. There are high chances of maintaining enthusiasm and energy levels because of better stress management.


You may come across lucrative opportunities for financial earnings as the week starts. Although you may realise soon that making money is a tough task, and spending is an easy one. Circumstances may bring up expenses suddenly. You must keep some savings for any unplanned expenses. You may be inclined to invest finances with good returns. However, planetary influences will make you attentive towards risks of high aspirations and ignoring your boundaries. You may gain additional clarity about ways to proceed further to attain your goals in the last phase. However, it would be beneficial for you to take things slowly this week.


Luck would be on your side on the career front this week. Getting meaningfully linked with an influential person is likely to happen, which may help you remarkably. The week also comprises helping you in areas of personality development and taking your communication skills to the next level. But, you may face some difficulties during the mid phase of the week. It may work wonders for you to keep your immediate seniors pleased, so keep doing hard work and enhance your performance. The latter part of the week may bring fruitful results for all your efforts.

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