Virgo Weekly Horoscope 23rd– 29th May 2021


Love and Relationships

There will be good planetary favour around the beginning of this week. But, as the week progresses, it may make you temperamental. Be careful as you may get angry at not getting due support from your close ones around the midweek. Relax and try to see their perspective too. The latter part of this week will be comparatively much better and it may help you resolve some misunderstandings through meaningful dialogue with your loved ones. Some thrilling romantic moments around the weekend may bring back fresh air of joy in your life.


Your faith in your goals and objectives will be rekindled by some good opportunity for progress in your studies. But, you must keep in mind that planets are likely to test your skills and patience around the mid-week. There may be disturbances and there will be a risk of losing your momentum. Hence you should stay focused on studies. However, your self-confidence will seem like it just had an energy drink! So, you can manage some pressure situations efficiently. You would not leave any stone unturned to achieve your goals.


As the week begins, you will enjoy good health. You will regain your vitality and be more productive as well. There will be some fluctuations in your health around the midweek. Some uneasiness could lead to headaches and mood swings. But, such minor issues may not affect your energy levels much. The probability of stomach related problems is strong, so extra care is advised. You will feel fresh and fine around the weekend and hence the week may end on a satisfactory note.


This week may bring some old financial issues to surface and hence you may require sound planning to deal with such issues. While planning your finances, keep enough provision for contingencies. The middle part of the week is indicative of gains. Expect some enlivening and long-lasting monetary gain in due course of time. Over the weekend, you are prone to some anxiety due to unplanned expenses. As you get involved in building your finances, beware of the company you keep. Also, ensure that some differences with your family members or associates on key financial issues do not flare up into serious arguments and disagreements.


The week may begin on a positive note but as the week progresses, those who are professionals may not share an amicable relationship with your bosses. You may get irritated by some hammering from your immediate boss around the mid-week. This may irk you to an extent. You must keep in mind that the planetary positions are not supportive of any major changes. Keeping this in view, you need to keep your cool. Take time out for fun stuff and hobbies as it may help you divert your mind off troublesome issues. If you are in business, do watch your staff members and focus on employee welfare to win their confidence.

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