Virgo Weekly Horoscope 16th– 22nd May 2021


Love and Relationships

Personal life situations may take up your maximum time and energy this week. You may be a bit down due to the unwanted interference of your family members and friends. But instead of being angry, it is advisable to sort things out in a matured way. In addition, try not to waste time on things that are going to remain the same. There needs to remain effective communication with your near and dear ones. It would be beneficial to use social media so that you can keep in touch with your friends and acquaintances. The responsibility of moving your relationship on the right path would be on you.


The week may deem to be fruitful for your studies. You may have to go through some hindrances and difficulties at the start. But you would come out with flying colours as a positive transformation may be evident as the week advances. So, put your seatbelts on and go for that ride. The planetary influences may be a lot in your favour during the end of this week. So you may have the benefit of reaching higher peaks and setting extraordinary standards. It seems to be a favourable time to broaden your knowledge and understanding for attaining better results in your studies.


The initial days of the week seem a bit unfavourable for your health. Hence, it is advisable not to take any physical risk at this time. You also need to be aware of your eating habits and control your diet during this phase. Ensure that you adhere to strict discipline in your food, especially while travelling. Your health and energy level may get better slowly and steadily after the midweek. A relief from health problems can be expected. However, you must keep a tab on your emotions and take proper care of your health and wellbeing throughout the entire week.


You may have some brilliant earning prospects this week. Put all your energy in work, but also be logical. Midweek deems a beneficial time for you, so be ready to take this new chance. This is a favourable period for intense brainstorming to enhance your financial expectations. Likewise, it would be an advantageous time to make investments in long term assets. The investments made during this time can be rewarding in the future. You may experience some conflicts with your family members on major financial matters. However, the planetary support during the weekend may favour you to resolve the issues rightly.


The ongoing impact of planets may force you to express your views more aggressively sometimes. Also, in the face of any resistance, you may stiffen your attitude rather than seeing the opposite person’s point of view. Hence, it is advisable to avoid being stubborn, else you would be unable to take the benefit of planetary support this week. Keep yourself open minded and look at the things through different angles. It is also advisable to remain calm and sensible when you handle any project or business matters. In a nutshell, there is a need for a balanced approach to keep growing with positive momentum in your profession.

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