Universal Wave Hypothesis; a telepathic power

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Note: This article is a short explanation of a Hypothetical theory of mine, “Universal wave hypothesis,” which presently doesn’t have any scientific or experimental proof. This theory is purely based on some of my thought experiments and the knowledge I have.

Every human on this planet wishes for an idea that can change the face of this modern world. But have you ever wondered where these ideas are born? Are the creation of our Beautiful Brain? If not, then where are these ideas born, and how do we receive them? These are some of the questions I have tried to answer with my hypothesis. 

It is always believed and accepted that ideas and thoughts are created inside a human brain. Traditionally it was believed that ideas are born in the right part of our brain. Also, Modern neuroscientists have measured increased activity in the brain’s temporal area, on the side of the right neocortex (a set of layers of the mammalian cerebral cortex involved in higher-order brain functions) in the moments when new ideas are formed.

Modern science says, while thinking about a particular problem, your brain is instinctively trying to combine all your previous knowledge and experiences into a huge puzzle picture that will provide an answer to the problem. Also, neuroscientists provide a proper beautiful scientific explanation for how this whole is processed in our brain.

This is where my hypothesis starts with a question: if the brain uses your previous knowledge and experiences to find a creative new idea, how is it possible that sometimes we receive an idea above our knowledge and experience? Suppose you are the first person on any planet who knows nothing, then where you will get ideas from? Does it mean that brain also has the knowledge and experiences that we are unfamiliar with?

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According to my hypothesis Brain is not the place where new ideas are created. The brain just acts as a place where ideas are received and processed, just like an antenna receives signals. Then where does our brain receive this idea or knowledge from?

We are very familiar with how sound travel in the form of the wave also how light (EM wave) waves travel. There are Waves called “Universal Waves” (Hypothetical waves named by me) that exist in every possible part of this Universe; these waves are the carrier of all the possible knowledge of our and all possible existing universes have or creature living here need.

Similar to EM waves, they also need no medium for their propagation. But I am not certain about the speed of these waves. These waves were created at the time of the creation of the Universe. Every time when a universe is formed, Universal waves are also produced in the process. 

  1. How are these actually created? 
  2. And how do they have all the knowledge of the Universe? 

These are a few questions I will explain in some other article of mine.

Let’s continue by accepting that all the knowledge or any idea we are in search of already exists in this Universe in the form of ‘universal waves.’ We just need to match the frequency of our brain waves to the universal wave of that particular frequency where that knowledge we are searching for. This mechanism is followed every time you get a new idea. The knowledge you are looking for. Also, here your brain can act as both receiver and transmitter of knowledge, similar to antenna reciprocity.

This is something similar to the concept of ‘Telepathy’ that we see in many sci-fi movies, but don’t you think we are using telepathy every day. Here only difference is that the transfer of knowledge is not in control of our brain, i.e., you are receiving knowledge, contributing your knowledge to Universe which store and propagate in the form of ‘Universal Waves’ that is received by some other brain in-universe. But this control of transmitting and receiving knowledge could be achieved. How? (This is what I am trying to figure out now)

This is just an out frame of the “Universal waves hypothesis.” This is not a full theory; there are still several questions unanswered.

If you are disappointed because you don’t have enough knowledge to think of something revolutionary, then remember all the knowledge and ideas you need are all around you. All you have to do is, be with your brain alone and think.

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