Travel guide to Kristiansand: Things to see and do

Kristiansand Odderøya Norway
Kristiansand Odderøya Norway

Kristiansand is a city in Norway. It styles itself as ‘Norway’s Best Holiday Resort.’ That can be a somewhat disputed statement: sun-starved Norwegians do flock to this adorable big town in the summer, and there’s a little town beach and flash marina, but it tends to work as a gateway to the villages of Norway’s southern coast and the central region of Setesdalen.

However, a lively cultural shopping scene, very healthy nightlife, and crazy restaurants await you in Kristiansand. Let’s explore.

Top Attractions in Kristiansand

Sørlandets Kunstmuseum

This extraordinary regional art museum focuses on craft-based fine practices, and the collection includes some powerful contemporary work from Norwegian, local, and Nordic artists. There is a beautifully designed, bright, sophisticated kid’s wing. For anyone fascinated by Norwegian ceramics, the dozens of works by local Kari Christensen will be a treat for you.

Christiansholm Fortress

Strandpromenaden’s bulky centerpiece is the characteristic Christiansholm Fortress. Established by royal decree between 1662 CE and 1672 CE to keep watch over the critical Skagerrak Straits and shelf the city from rambunctious Swedes and pirates, the installation featured walls up to 5m thick armory buried within an inner wall. It was attached to the mainland by a bridge over a moat deep enough to include tall ships.

Kristiansand Dyrepark

Off the E18, nearly 10km east of Kristiansand, Dyrepark is perhaps the favorite holiday destination for Norwegian children. The ancient zoo is different parks rolled into one. A funfair includes rides such as the pirate-ship cruise, Captain Sabretooth’s Treasure Trove, and magical houses. Cardamom Town is a fancy village based on the kid’s stories of Thorbjørn Egner. There’s a beautiful water park with water slides and heated pools. However, the biggest attraction is the zoo itself.

Agder Natural History Museum & Botanic Gardens

The winding paths through the fixed 50-hectare park at Gimle Estate lead through a beautiful botanic garden containing minerals, rocks, greenhouses, and stuffed animals containing the most extensive collection of plants in Norway. The estate house has 19th-century CE period interiors and excellent teethlike columns at the front, and there’s also a well-known rose garden dating from 185 CE0. It’s just around 1km from the center, adjacent to the Oddernes bridge.

Things to do in Kristiansand

  1. Bird Watching: Watch birds, such as Hawfinch and Wryneck, and seabirds, such as ducks and swans in the woodlands just in the outskirts of the town center. 
  2. Skiing: Although Kristiansand receives only a little snow during the winters, there is a famous ski-lift in Tveit, just around the airport. If the snow diminishes, there is a downhill bicycle track for you to explore.
  3. Swimming: Do not forget to carry your swimwear while in Kristiansand; swimming opportunities are many, indoors and outdoors, in freshwater or saltwater.
  4. Photography: Kristiansand consists of fantastic landscapes, skerries, a paradise of islands and rocks. So bring your camera and head to The beautiful archipelago off Kristiansand and capture memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.
  5. Sea Rafting:  An exhilarating and fast experience on the wet element, sea rafting is an unmissable activity in the region. 

Kristiansand is safe, exciting, adventurous, and the right place to make memories. 

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