Top 5 Online wineries


In today’s world, it is more common than not to order food and drink to be delivered to your home. By browsing delivery service websites and choosing exactly what you want, the process couldn’t be simpler. Fortunately for us over-21-year-olds, we can also have some tasty spirits and alcoholic drinks delivered to our front door without venturing to the nearby shop. 

If you fancy a glass of Pinot with your dinner or need a few bottles of Merlot for a party, you can shop on the world wide web to have a bottle, a case – or a box – delivered to your home in no time flat.

Where to order wine online

If you want to order wine online, you need to know where to begin. Whether you are looking for a cheap glass of Sangria or want an old-school Cabernet, one of these websites is bound to provide what you’re looking for. Reach out the best place to buy online your favorites wine.

Astor Wine and Spirits

One of NYC’s biggest wine and spirit shops, this well-organized shop has turned digital, showcasing organic wines, breaking down the wines available by sub-region, and including staff picks to show what the experts recommend we should drink for our next glass.

Just as the name would suggest, this is one of the most popular choices when looking to order wine online. If you are looking to give someone a nice gift for an anniversary or birthday, head to this website to browse the extensive list of reds, whites, and champagnes. 

If you want to shop for specific wines, such as sustainably-made wines that go with your vegan lifestyle, has something for everyone to choose from. The best part of this online winery is the extensive selection that helps us feel included in the wine selection process. 

Plonk Wine

Too many decisions can make it nearly impossible to choose a wine. When you go to a shop and see the stacks and stacks of wines, it can be daunting to wander through the never-ending shelves. Plonk takes the decision-making out of the equation when you decide to order wine online. Three wine clubs show you the newest and greatest offerings for you to choose from to help impress your friends.

K&L Wine Merchants

Around for over 40 years, this trusted wine merchant has various locations across California along with its online marketplace. With a massive inventory, the selection of old and rare wines makes up for the non-modern or user-friendly website.

Compass Wines

With a wide range of past vintages and club delivery options, Compass Wines makes it easy to order wine online when you truly know what you are looking for in a glass of red or white.


Whether it is a night in with friends or a romantic date night with your partner, finding the perfect wine is the way to turn a good night into a great night. We make it easy to order wine online by including a list of the best online wineries for you to use. 

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