The Ultimate Road Trip from Moscow to Vladivostok

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Russia is the largest nation on the planet in terms of surface area, making it ideal and perfect for adventure. Nothing is more exciting than a trans-Siberian trip from the capital city of Moscow to Vladivostok. Enjoy the longest rail voyage in the world, starting from Moscow, across the vastness of Siberia until you end at Vladivostok located on the Pacific Coast of the Russian Federation.

Enjoy startling rail tracks of almost 9,300 kilometers in length with mind-blowing stops in places like Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk (to soak in the majesty of Lake Baikal), and of course, Ulan Ude, which is the revered center of Buddhism in eastern Russia. This piece is a 19-day tour from Moscow to Vladivostok. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 

Highlights of the Road Trip

  • Exploring Moscow’s capital city includes visiting places like Red Square, which contains the landmark St Basil’s Cathedral, the Mausoleum of Lenin, and the historic Kremlin, which is the seat of Russian power.
  • Enjoy a couple of nights at Yekaterinburg, where you get to tour the famed City of the Romanovs and escape into the bliss of the charming Ural Mountains. 
  • Be lost in meditation upon reaching Ulan Ude, the Buddhist-Mongol center of Eastern Siberia. Here you will learn the wisdom of the ancients. 
  • Ride on the longest rail line in the world, crossing almost 9,289 kilometers across the massive swathes of Russia deep into the heart of freezing Siberia. 
  • Stop at Irkutsk, which is known as an old commercial hub and military center for the brave Cossacks. Enjoy two nights upon reaching Listvyanka right on the shiny and inviting shores of Lake Baikal, the deepest of its kind on earth. 
  • Conclude your voyage at the terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway and tour of the seaside city of Vladivostok with the Golden Horn Bay of the expansive Sea of Japan on your horizon. 


Days 1 to 2: Moscow

Your arrival transfer is done at the Moscow Sheremetyevo or the Domodedovo Airport right to your inn or hotel. The following two days are for you to enjoy the sprawling city of Moscow. The second day is for you to make use of the iconic Red Square via Metro with a walking tour organized by the local guides. Take pictures at the well-lit St. Basil Cathedral, the massive shopping districts, and well, the Mausoleum of the great Soviet leader, Lenin.

Day 3: More time in Moscow then onto Yekaterinburg

You get to spend some extra time in Moscow before heading for Yekaterinburg. Take time to do a tour of the city all by yourself before your train leaves. There is a transfer in the afternoon to the rail so you can get a direct train to Yekaterinburg. 

Days 4 to 5: Arrival in Yekaterinburg

Now you are in Yekaterinburg on the fourth day, and you roll into your inn or hotel for the night. The next morning is for you to do a city tour if you have time. Check out the innovative monastery, which signifies the location of history for the Romanovs. 

Day 6: More Flexing and Enjoyment

You are still in Yekaterinburg, and you can choose to visit some other new sites. Get some well-deserved rest towards the evening in your hotel before you take the overnight train to Irkutsk. 

Days 7 to 8: The Leg to Irkutsk

This is the ride from Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk. You even have the chance for full relaxation on the train while you enjoy the endlessly beautiful scenery as your train slides across Siberia on the way to Irkutsk. You can choose to also read a novel overnight. 

Days 9 to 11: Landing in Irkutsk

You arrive in Irkutsk in the morning, and this is a historic settlement beloved for its Chinese and Mongolian influences, and you will see this in the wondrous buildings. You can use three days for maximum pleasure as you tour the town. You can also add more vibrancy and color to your visit by exploring the following: 

  • Irkutsk Camp and Summer Trek: Throw yourself into a trekking excursion all through the night across the stunning taiga landscape along the Primorsky Mountains as you move down the edges of Lake Baikal. 
  • Lake Baikal and Listvyanka: Enjoy two days full of relaxation in the world-famous village of Listvyanka along the glistening edges of Lake Baikal. You can choose to explore this stretch on your own or with a guide. This is going to be one of the most memorable tours you will ever have. 

Days 12 to 14: Arriving at Ulan Ude

You eventually get to arrive at the iconic Ulan Ude from Irkutsk, and you get to enjoy a traditional breakfast. You can then choose to enjoy your 12th day by cruising all over Irkutsk before taking your train on an overnight trip to Ulan Ude. 

Days 15 to 16: Back on the Train

Your next leg is to hop on the train and zoom to Chita Oblast. Take amazing photos of the taiga as you cruise past the woodland and rolling meadows. Once your train reaches the Far East Region of Russia, you are going to realize that it is the official end of Siberia. 

Days 17 to 18: Getting to Vladivostok

You will arrive at Vladivostok on the morning of your 17th day, and it is on that day you get to the end of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Easily slide into your hotel and spend the next 48 hours exploring this icy city. Another option is for you to have a comprehensive city tour by visiting the port and seeing the decommissioned submarine, and hear how it destroyed almost a dozen enemy vessels at the peak of its power. You can also visit the Vladivostok Fortress if there is time. 

Day 19: Final Moments

Your memorable adventure across Trans-Siberia comes to an exciting end with a typical but classy Russian meal. You enjoy your meal then you have a transfer to the airport before your flight out of this unique corner of the planet. 

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